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Poulet a la Creme Sidebar

I mentioned in the previous post that, because Daniel doesn’t like mushrooms, I swapped out the cream of mushroom for cream of celery. Now this, from Daniel:

Mushrooms and other fungi are, as is now evident, clear examples of panspermia. Whether or not this exogenesis was the result of random planetary impacts and the ejection of genetic material into space or the deliberate seeding of our young earth with an undeniably alien lifeform is uncertain, but the implications are obvious: fungi are an invasive species on this planet. With their chitinous cell walls, lack of a central nervous system, and aberrations in their methods of nourishment and reproduction, they are an affront to biological taxonomy. WHAT ARE YOU, FUNGI, A PLANT OR AN ANIMAL? PICK A SIDE. Though communication with fungi appears impossible, we can only assume that they have means of coordination and designs on planetary domination.

Poulet a la creme is delicious.

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