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She quickly found one of her favorite spots.

We Got a Puppy!!!

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Two big things happened in the past week, making our house even more of a home. The first was a renovation to the upstairs, which I’ll share later. The second was the new addition of a brand new puppy!!

I’ve always wanted a dog but never was allowed to have one. So now that we have a house with a backyard, a small dream of mine came true: her name is Molly, she’s 3+ months old, born Dec. 13, 2014, and as cute and as sweet as can be. We rescued her from the Husky House in Matawan, NJ. She and one of her siblings were being raised by a foster family for the past few months, which means she essentially came to us housebroken, which is so great. Her mother is a husky/labrador retriever mix and they don’t know what her father was. She is about 20 lbs. now and is expected to be about 50 lbs. full grown. She’s short-haired like a lab, mostly black with some brown highlights, with white paws, white on her nose and white on her chest and stomach.

She is everything! Here are some pictures to prove it.


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