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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Tip off #1: We saw a photo on Google Maps of the house before we bought it and there was a very lush white hydrangea bush out front.

Tip off #2: Everyone we met, from our real estate agent to the neighbors on our street and around the block, talked about how much of an avid gardener the previous homeowner was, how the front and backyards were full of beautiful, colorful and aromatic flowers and plants for much of the year.

Tip off #3 that we had lucked into a garden lover’s paradise: the colorful flowers and various greens that started sprouting in late March/early April.

We have been extremely lucky – and grateful – that we can take advantage of the fruits of the previous owner’s passion. For the past few months, every week has brought something new and intriguing to our front and back gardens. Some I have been able to identify since there were tags staked in the ground near several of the plants. Others I have been able to identify by help from social media, with friends commenting on pictures on Instagram and Facebook. And still others are a mystery.

We have contributed to the garden by planting peppermint, rosemary and basil – all natural mosquito repellents – and a couple of flowers and succulents in pots in the backyard, as well as celosia in the front garden and a hanging yellow flowering plant over the porch. Other than that, we have been eagerly watching and anticipating what is going to pop up next. So far, of the plants we can name, we have seen or are currently enjoying, the following:

  • Red, yellow and orange dwarf tulips
  • Purple hyacinths
  • Lavender tree
  • Lilac bush
  • White and purple hydrangea bushes
  • Various ferns and grasses
  • Peach and red lilies
  • Peony bush
  • Various green vines and ground cover plants
  • Pink, peach and white Rubaiyat rose bushes
  • Salvia
  • Clematis

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