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Update: Corner, Styled

Remember just last month when I was tinkering in the office and talked about styling the white end table? I figured out what to do with the inside of it, but was looking for a dramatic lamp, something that catches your eye, either in shape, size or design. I wanted vintage items since this room is full of Ikea and Target purchases. I also wanted something metallic to both draw the eye and help bounce light around and wanted something white to make that one white item in the room – that end table – seem intentional.

corner 1

I went to a flea market and found this off white and gold clock (which doesn’t work) and this wooden sculptural lamp (which does work) for a total of $8.50. Buying this lamp without a lampshade forced me to learn more about lamps and harps and lampshade shapes and the kinds of shades that go with which shapes and styles of lamps than I ever thought I would need to know. I decided on this natural linen circular shade from Lamps Plus for about $25 to enhance the sculptural form of the lamp.

corner 2

And for the third and final piece of tabletop decor, I wanted something that would draw the eye from the clock to the lampshade since there is a large size discrepancy. Orchids are beautiful and having a plant in a rainforest-inspired room made sense to me.

And, there you have it. I consider this corner styled.

corner 3

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