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Pommes de Terre au Saumon

Pommes de terre au Saumon, or salmon and potatoes, was a really easy dish to make and quite tasty. I mean, if you like mashed potatoes and if you like salmon, then this is for you.

This recipe creates a salmon and mashed potato casserole, with three layers: the first layer is of mashed potatoes, second layer is of salmon and top layer is of a white cheese sauce. See how simple that is? You can determine the thickness of the potato layer by cooking either fewer or more potatoes. Want a thick layer of salmon? Then use more salmon. Want a thicker layer of sauce? Double the recipe.

See how easy that is? Okay, let’s get started.


Box of salmon (I ended up buying several packets of pre-cooked smoked salmon)
3-4 potatoes
4 tbsps butter
2 cups milk
Whatever ingredients you use to season mashed potatoes (I used garlic powder and fresh rosemary from our garden since we have an overabundance.)
2 tbsps flour

1 cup sharp cheddar


1. Take a box of salmon and drain it. This box must apply to my grandmother’s era in Haiti so I simply bought several of those aforementioned packets.
2. Make a good puree of potato that is very fluffy, i.e. make mashed potatoes. Any recipe will do, such as this one from AllRecipes.com. I added garlic powder and fresh rosemary to the mixture.
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. This temperature isn’t mentioned in the recipe but I’m assuming it’s fine.
4. Butter/grease a baking dish or casserole dish.
5. Layer in the potato.
6. Then layer the salmon spread out on top of the potato.
7. Make a good white cheese sauce, such as this recipe from Food.com. I added fresh rosemary to this one as well because we just have so much of it in our garden.
8. Layer the white cheese sauce on top of the salmon.

9. Put the dish in the oven to bake until the top starts to brown slightly. Well, my grandmother didn’t mention the browning part in her recipe, but I’m assuming this is the case.

This dish turned out well, especially since I used Daniel’s suggestion of going with a smoked salmon, which enhanced the flavor a little bit, and this dish made for great leftovers at lunch the following week.


But here’s how I would improve it for next time:

1. Buy pieces of salmon fillet and season them to whatever taste I feel like that day. Then cook those fillets in the oven at 350 degrees until they’re about halfway done, perhaps 10-15 minutes depending on thickness.
2. Layer the fillets over the mashed potatoes so that the entire dish is covered in salmon. This will provide a better bite all the way across and make this dish more about protein and less about starch.
3. Double or even triple the white cheese sauce recipe so that the entire casserole is covered in it. Because IT WAS DELICIOUS.

If you try this dish, let me know in the comments below what changes you made and what flavors you went with.

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