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Round Up: Tasty Bites for the Holiday Season

When I started this blog, I wanted it to reflect a journey. Half of that journey is of Daniel and I being first-time homeowners and making a house a home, which is reflected in the category Jersey House. The other half of that journey is the one I’m taking connecting with my Haitian roots and cooking my grandmother’s handwritten recipes. I first wrote about this journey under the category Kreyol Kitchen here. It certainly has been a journey, mostly full of mistakes, some frustration, and lots of tasty tasty tasty meals.

The holiday season and change from one year to another is often a time of reflection. It’s also a time of many a holiday dinner, party or potluck. So, on that note, I’ve reflected upon the recipes I’ve done so far (and there are many more to come!) and have rounded up my Top 5 here that would be great to cook, bake or make for your holiday festivities this year. Enjoy!


Et voila!

No gathering is complete without alcohol and, perfect for the season, this cocktail is a bright and cheerful red. This drink is simply called “cocktail” in her notes and – more importantly – it’s heavy on the rum. If you’re thinking of making this, be sure to read through to the end to see how I would improve it for next time. Cheers!


Sardines au Parmesan


One recipe I recently tested was one featuring sardines, parmesan cheese and tartines of bread. I understand this might sound a bit too out of the box for some, but trust me – it’s DELICIOUS and you’ll certainly have an appetizer worth talking about at the party.

Pain au Saumon Japonais


Another appetizer to consider is called Japanese Salmon Bread. I have no idea what’s Japanese about it but it was tasty. If you like salmon and lots of flavor, this recipe is another one to consider for a party appetizer. It’s even got vegetables in it so, you know, it’s healthy! I think it would work great blended to be more of a pate, so consider that when making this recipe.


Gigot de Porc en Chemise


Another of my recent recipe tests is a leg of pork wrapped in bacon. Need I say more? This one might be the best recipe out of all of them I’ve tried so far. It was so moist, flavorful and fed us for days. This would be a stunner of a main dish to make for a holiday dinner this year.


Gateau a la Livre

Pound cake slice

Just like you need a cocktail to get the party started right, you need a dessert to finish off the evening … or hold you over until after-midnight snacks. Let me recommend something easy, tasty and usually a crowd pleaser: pound cake. And it’s perfect for pairing with different toppings, like chocolate sauce, whipped cream or fruit.

Happy holidays, happy eating and happy partying!

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