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Christmas at The 256 Project

Alvin & the Chipmunks playing on the record player and spiked egg nog pretty much sum up Christmastime at The 256 Project. Oh and a beautiful Christmas tree and lots of decorations, of course!

Last year, I wrote about our first Christmas in the new house and how we managed to go from very few decorations from our life in an apartment to being able to decorate an entire house (hint: my parents and their old Christmas decorations helped greatly). You can also find almost all of the sources for our holiday decorations in that story, FYI.

Once again, we purchased our tree from a local rotary that gives all proceeds to local charities. We also purchased an unadorned wreath from them for our front door, which marks really the only change from last year. Since we painted our front door coral this year, the red wreath we got last year would clash too much so we’re trying out natural green this year.


And, once again, we picked up a few new ornaments from our travels. This year, we went to the Bay Area in California and several cities in Japan, as reflected on our Christmas tree.

So here’s our cozy cottage decorated for Christmas. What do you think?





You may notice this door looks busted. Well, it is. It’s the back door that needs to get replaced as part of phase 2 of the mud room makeover.




Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Merry from The 256 Project!

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