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We Got a New Roof!

Do you remember how I said we needed to get a new roof and kind of unexpectedly? Well, we got it!


To recap, we noticed a leak in early February after a Nor’easter and, over the course of a month, met with several contractors to discuss our roofing needs, costs and what type of shingles we should get. We realized we didn’t have the money nor would it give us a return on our investment to get something a little more structural and prettier (I had really wanted scalloped shingles, but that was laughable). We were going on vacation to Haiti in early March and were determined to get the roof done then so we wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of the dog when the roofers were here. We went with Julio at All Over Exterior Remodeling based in North Jersey, who said he could get the job done in one day and would handle getting the town permit for us. (And yes, I would recommend him.)

Once we realized we were going with a basic architectural asphalt shingle, we had the simple task of choosing a color. We chose the GAF brand’s American Harvest line since their color scheme offered a little bit of a dynamic feel. The color decision came down to two things: 1. Daniel tends toward brown/beige neutrals and I tend toward gray.  2. We both wanted a neutral color that worked well with our light gray siding. We agreed on the Cedar Falls colorway, which GAF describes as “a clay-colored background, which is the most popular color in siding and paint today. The addition of subtle brown and gray highlights in this shingle gives any home that has beige, brown, or gray siding a more refined and polished look.” So there.

Credit: GAF Timberline

And so, while we were gone, the old roof was torn off and a new one put on all in one day and with no budget surprises.

We got home from vacation on a Monday evening and were happy to see the new roof but, not gonna lie, I was really disappointed that it couldn’t be a dreamy, beautiful, showstopping roof. Our new one just looked kind of the same as our old one, as you can see here in this before and after:


I quickly got over it because, the next day, we got a foot of snow in a mid-March blizzard (yuck) and then, for a couple of weeks at the end of March and early April, we got a lot of rain, and the roof has held up. Since roofs are boring to look at, look at our house all pretty at the start of spring instead!



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  1. Offrs says:

    I always enjoy your posts and I’m a huge fan. Still not pleased Secrets of a Stylist is gone. While I do love seeing how the other half decorate their homes, Emily can you please show us mere mortals that own an ugly brown bulky couch how to decorate around it. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the dilemma. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

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