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Six-Month Check In, aka We’ve Done Nothing

Remember how I was all like, “We’re going to do so much this year, just you wait and see?” Not only has the year started since I said that (back in December 2016), but we’re six months into the year, a whole halfway over!!, and we have done exactly nothing from that list. A lot of that has to do with having to replace our roof – surprise! – and then spring came and all we have wanted to do is spend it outside. In fact, I recently wrote about how I will be a backyard bum for the next few months. At some point soon, I’ll start paying attention to the projects in the house. At this six-month check in, that means I’m going to have to revise the list. So let’s take a look.

The truth is, our house comes so alive in spring and summer (as most places with multiple seasons do, no doubt) and it’s so easy to get distracted. I mean, look at all the pretty things!

So we’ve been enjoying said pretty things and hanging out outside.

But while we’ve been enjoying the outside, I’m still thinking about the inside. I had originally said we were going to get master bedroom closet doors, update the entry, turn our office into more of a library and office, and then make the scary part of our house less scary.

Let’s start with the master bedroom closet doors. We checked out door materials and got some pricing and met with a contractor who took a look at our space, made some recommendations, and gave us a quote. This was back in January and February. All of it would have been doable this year if it were not for the roof. But we made great headway here and can easily pick up where we left off when we decide to move forward. I am hoping we can give this as a Christmas present to ourselves but Daniel doesn’t think we can swing it this year.

The entryway should be the easiest project. As I mentioned before, I basically just want to spruce it up with paint, a shelf, some artwork and a new light fixture. And, oh yeah, installing a runner since Daniel has fallen down the slippery steps a couple of times. Most of this would be done by me and then we’d hire an electrician to switch out the lighting. The problem here is I’m lazy and since the first part of this project starts with painting (I’ve mentioned I’m OVER IT before), I haven’t gotten started. And then there’s the matter of getting creative with a runner (see inspiration shot below) and having to DIY that. I am positive that most of this will get done before the end of the year.

Domino magazine: photography by Sean Breithaupt and Yvette Monohan via remodelista.com

We have been going back and forth about how to turn the office into more of a library. I want all of our books up there and want something that is mid-century modern in design, but something that also is practical for our budget and the amount of books we need to accommodate. But the part that we’ve really been going back and forth on is how much of a DIY we want to do since drilling into plaster and finding studs and creating a shelving unit that we feel safe about has proven to be a pain in every other instance. We’re being very picky with this but honestly this should be the easiest project to do and I can’t imagine this not happening before the end of the year.

And now onto the project that’s definitely not happening, at least not how I originally said: we’re NOT adding a pantry area to the boiler room and we’re NOT turning the root cellar into a wine cave. Instead, we’re changing the root cellar into the pantry and will just have no wine cave. I wrote about this before and we have made no movement on this. Well, we’ve started storing extra dog food down there, but haven’t actually DIY’d anything. But since we changed direction on this, I have started brainstorming different ideas and think we can have fun with this project. Maybe adding some tile and painting and doing whatever we want with DIY since, if we mess up, who cares as it’ll be in the cellar that only we will see. Likelihood of this project happening? Hmmmm.

Root cellar that will become the pantry.

That is the six-month check in. I hope I get less lazy soon and have more to show you.


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