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Friday Faves: Dumb Jokes, Paint Trends and House Tours

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, let’s all do the Friday dance! And I’m back with Friday Faves, starting off with one of my favorite things…

Dumb Jokes:
You guys, I love dumb jokes! I’ve just started listening to The Dinner Party Download podcast and this week’s episode is all dumb jokes told by previous celebrity guests of the show. The episode is only 17 minutes long and, if you like dumb jokes like me, it’s worth every minute.

In a week in which I’ve talked about how to add color to your home, it’s perfect timing that Behr paint, something we’ve used a lot of in our house, just announced its 2018 color of the year as well as its 2018 color palette. The color of the year is In the Moment, a soothing blue-green that I think could be pretty in a lot of rooms and hallways. Out of the 2018 color palette, I’m digging Soul Search and Equilibrium. Constellation Blue has caught my eye and I think Wabi-Sabi may be a really nice, creamy neutral.
Behr paint
House Tours:
This one actually isn’t a house, but it’s so well done that it could be.¬†Little Green Notebook’s Jenny Komenda transformed an orthodontist’s office into a place where I want to live. To say it is a stunning transformation full of stellar spaces is an understatement. From the textured walls in neutral to the bright colors and the little cool details, like all the lighting and that fabulous bathroom sink design, I just can’t get enough.
Credit: Little Green Notebook
And now for an actual house. I am loving Sarah Sherman Samuel’s renovation of her A-frame in the woods. Every reveal has been serene and gorgeous. She revealed the bathroom this week and I love it. Bathrooms are always on my mind since we have two and both need to be updated.
Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel
Happy Friday, everyone!

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