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Client Project: Aloha Little Lady, Part 2

Last week, I told you about a pretty client project that I’m working on, a new nursery for a friend in Hawaii who is expecting her first baby, a girl. After conversation and sharing  of links and images for inspiration, I shared with her three options, from neutral toward slightly bolder in overall feel, with turquoise as the main color. Want to see which option she chose?

You can get all the details from the previous post, but a quick recap: she already had some furniture; she wanted a neutral, somewhat Scandinavian design; she wanted to use turquoise as her main color, especially to play off curtains she already had in the room; and she is shy about incorporating color and multiple patterns in her home.

Playing off this and my own design rules, I offered these three options:

And which one did she choose? Option 3! Sort of…

She wasn’t a fan of the pom pom pillow (but I love it!) and the heart-shaped mirror as they were too girly for her. She generally doesn’t like sisal or jute rugs because she doesn’t like the way they feel underfoot (fair, I can see that as I’m a fan of shag and sheepskin rugs), and wanted to swap out mirrors from another option. (See previous post for links to furniture and decor presented in all options.)

In looking at all the options, she also decided that she didn’t want as much pine as she had initially thought. This is why it’s such a good idea to plan out a room ahead of time and lay out all your options because, what may seem like something you like at first doesn’t always end up being the case when you see it next to something else.

Her biggest concern was that the room feels more for an adult and less for a baby. The reason why it looks more adult and less like a kid will live there is because of the bed and nightstand and the fact that there are no toys or artwork in the room yet. Once the adult furniture goes away after the baby is a little older and the toys pile in, it will feel more kid-like. Also, by the time her baby is born, she’ll have so much baby stuff that it’ll look like it was always supposed to be a baby’s room.

In the meantime, I suggested the elephant mobile and crescent mirror in other options would help make it feel more youthful, if she wanted to swap those in.

I can’t wait to see how she pulls it all together and hopefully I’ll be able to show you the final result. I hope you like the design direction of Project Aloha Little Lady. If you have a project of your own and are looking for some hired help, email Regine@The256Project.com and let’s talk!

Sound off below to let me know what you think!

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