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Gardening goals

Germany: Gardening Goals

I’m in love. Daniel and I just came back from almost two weeks in the Southwest region of Germany, visiting family who live in such beautiful wine country and forest land. It was a great vacation and so beautiful. I know I already said it was beautiful, but really, it was. And what struck me the most was how just about every home we saw had such beautiful gardening spilling over balconies and covering the properties in the front and back, whether it was plots of vegetables and fruit or patches of colorful flowering plants. We also took trips to the Alsace region of France and Luxembourg and the homes there offered the same levels of gardening beauty. In short, Germany, and our trip overall, gave me some serious gardening goals.

Balcony and gardening goals in Ulm, Germany.

You already know how important gardening is to our house (see here, here and here) and I’m always dreaming of new ways to add to it. And now I’m inspired anew. How could you not be with all of this beauty?


A little bit more minimal in Luxembourg in terms of gardening, but the house color ties it all together.


Those vines! (Heidelberg, Germany)


Gardens on gardens, Lambrecht, Germany
Gardening on gardening, Neustadt, Germany


I know our gardens help make our house look beautiful so I know more colorful flowers can do even more so. I mean, this isn’t bad looking, right?



One way I think is to add more potted plants on the porch so that the flowers and colors pop out from the porch spindles and, well, just more! Unfortunately for me, since I hate winter, is that winter is coming and most of my plant ideas are on hold for too many months. But I am in love with these gardens and am dreaming about next year already.


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