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Credit: Dabito / Old Brand New

Friday Faves: Frame TV, German Food and Jimmy Kimmel

After two weeks off, I’m back with another Friday Faves. Pardon the interruption as Daniel and I were traveling for two weeks and soaking in design inspiration along the way. And now it’s the first Friday in October so let’s get to what’s been on my mind this past week, including coveting Samsung’s new Frame TV.

Details details details. It’s all in the details. Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook just revealed her studio’s new kitchenette and I love it. The colors are bold yet easy on the eyes. It looks like the kind of kitchen that you’d want to have in your home. While it all comes together so well, my favorite parts are three minor details that make a big impact: 1. The shelving brackets. I LOVE the detail of the gold bracket installed over a back piece of wood. Such a standout. 2. The length of the cabinet pulls that really showcase the shaker design of the cabinet. 3. The way the colors of the kitchenette and length of the pulls are complemented in color and design on the refrigerator.
Credit: Little Green Notebook
If you haven’t heard of this TV yet, The Frame by Samsung, then you soon will. It is EVERYTHING and I NEED it! Here are several stories on it: here and here.
Credit: Homey Oh My
I promise this is the last mention about Germany! The food there was fantastic so this article on The Kitchn on what makes dining in Germany a treat such perfect timing. Here’s a taste.


This has nothing to do with food or design but I can’t ignore what’s been happening in the world. In case you haven’t seen it already, please watch Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue from Monday night after the tragedy in Las Vegas from this past weekend.

Remember to tell people you know that you love and care about them because anything can happen at any time.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend…

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