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Friday Faves: Apartment Therapy!!!

GUYS!!! I’m starting off this week’s Friday Faves with great news: Apartment Therapy included our backyard and Boss Bar as a Before & After this week. Woo hoo! Check it out here. And now for more #FridayFaves…



DIY Dreams:

This is technically from last week, so Sshhhhhhh, but I only saw the story this week and wanted to share. The Young House Love duo are renovating a dilapidated beach house and restored as a DIY project the old clawfoot tub that came with the house. We also have an old clawfoot tub that came with our house and needs a little love. This DIY post is helpful because I think that maybe we can actually do this job ourselves. Check out their story here.


House Tour:

Of course, it helps to have cool bones like a loft apartment on the Bowery in New York, but still, you can tell that the owner of this apartment is cool because everything comes together so well. Obviously, the couch is a showstopper, but so is that lounge chair. I like a lot of individual elements of this space (the pendant light in the kitchen coupled with that traditional table, for one; the green bathtub as planter that you almost don’t notice because of the crazy couch), but I also love how it’s all come together. Check it out for yourself.


And if you want to reminisce with me about the before and after of our backyard, feel free to revisit this story and this story. Happy weekend!


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