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Food 52 / Photo by Bobbi Lin

Friday Faves: Making a House a Home

Yikes, it’s already November!! We just decorated for Halloween and now we’re only a month away from Christmas decorations. Time is going by fast. The only time I like to go by quickly is Monday through Thursday. Speaking of which, Happy Friday! I’ve got some #FridayFaves for you, including a cocktail and quite a few entries in the Making a House a Home/DIY category…

Making a House a Home:

I liked this article on Apartment Therapy this week because everything about it is true. I am guilty of rushing through design and what’s particularly egregious of my own mistakes is that I’m always looking at how to change what I’ve already done anyway, so rushing really does not make sense. Anyway, the point here is to take your time in making your home really your home.

Home Image from Apartment Therapy / Credit David Telford


Have you guys heard of or been following the One Room Challenge? I’m obsessed with it. I have browsed it in the past but, for whatever reason, I’m truly all about it this time. Every Wednesday, I’m desperate to see the updates from all the talented folks chosen to participate this session. What I really love with this challenge is that we get to see how so many different designers, renters and homeowners showcase how they individually make their house a home. I hope one day I can be one of the talented ones chosen to participate. We’re currently just halfway through this session and you have to check these folks out! Here are a few of the ones I’m following: Boxwood Avenue / Making It Lovely / Erica Reitman / Megan Pflug Designs.

Making It Lovely ORC photo


Speaking of making a house a home, this post by stylist and blogger Emily Henderson is perfect timing as I’m toying with adding bead board or other wood paneling to our foyer, stairwell and landing. Not sure if I really want to do it but I think the space needs it. So this blog post was helpful.

Photo from Scandinavian Collectors via Style by Emily Henderson


Instagram, continued…:

In last week’s #FridayFaves, I talked about Instagram woes and linked to the Chris Loves Julia podcast episode in which they talked about growing an Instagram following organically and the issues with Instagram. This week, Chris Loves Julia posted a story on their blog highlighting home Instagram accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers, including ones with fewer than 1,000 followers. If you want to support Instagrammers in the home category, check out the story and, if you aren’t already, don’t forget to follow me! I’m @reginelaboss.


And speaking of Instagram, did you you see I posted about a new client project? You can see the full intro post here.

Cocktails, please!:

This India-inspired drink from Food52 might be what I’m drinking this weekend.

Food 52 photo by Bobbi Lin
And, on that note, cheers to a wonderful weekend!


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