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Photography by BoysPlayNice

Friday Faves: Cool Design Choices

Well, I guess winter is here! It went from 70 degrees to highs of 40 degrees in a week and I’m not loving it. I hope to be able to just cozy up in the cozy cottage all weekend (and for the next few months?). As always, I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m hoping I get to dedicate this weekend to a few design projects I have, for both the interior and clothing kinds. Anyway, I have a few #FridayFaves to share with you, so let’s get to it.

This week’s #FridayFaves are all about cool design choices. First up are my friends behind Wander Workshop who have just released a one-of-a-kind 3D-printed lamp for Gantri, an independent lighting design company. The lamp, called 7th Order by Wander Workshop is really cool looking, kind of like a new wave lantern. I have already been thinking of where and how I can use it in my own home. It’s available now so check it out.

7th Order by Wander Workshop for Gantri


Sick of subway tile yet? I’m not BUT I am always looking to see what is classic, beautiful, new or trending in tile because of how much it can transform a space. I’ve written about tile before and imagine I will plenty more times. MyDomaine is sharing what they think are the tiles that will upend the subway tile throne.

MyDomaine / Photo by Elizabeth Roberts


Lastly, check out this crazy beautiful guesthouse in the Czech Republic. IMHO, it’s rare to see such stunning historic architecture not only upheld but enhanced and left to shine when a space is modernized, but these designers did it. The modern and minimalist decor is so perfect here. I mean, that canopy bed! Check out the spectacular space here.

Czech guesthouse / Photography by BoysPlayNice

That’s it for this week’s #FridayFaves. Have a great weekend!



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