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Friday Faves: One Room Challenge

I’m home sick with a dog that needs to wear a cone thanks to a little foot problem. So…it’s going to be a FUN Friday over at the cozy cottage. But one thing that has been entertaining me for seven weeks has been the One Room Challenge. I wrote about it before and you can find more information over at Calling It Home. The basic gist is that 20 seriously talented featured designers as well as numerous guest designers participate in what is usually six weeks to totally transform one room, with the help of sponsors. They had their room reveals this week and there is just so much gorgeousness. Part of me feels totally inept and clueless and another part of me is very much inspired. This week’s Friday Faves is all about my favorite reveals.


Erica Reitman had me at that coffee table and now her “skinny makeover” has me 100% wanting to luxuriate in her space. Also, she’s hilarious on her blog and her design taste is impeccable.

Erica Reitman / Image by James Tiffany : Oxford Boone


The words “French,” “country” and “rustic” don’t apply to my aesthetic at all but Chloe over at Boxwood Avenue has me seeing the light. This dining room is beautiful and I can’t say enough about this paint color. It’s that kind of touch that really makes they space.

The view below of Nicole Balch’s office is just one tiny portion of her makeover but, wow, does it pack a delightful punch. Also, her home is amazing. Check out her Victorian house tour on her site, Making It Lovely, while you’re at it.

Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely


Angela of The Painted House schooled us on the artistry of primary colors over the course of seven weeks. There were so many areas and niches and nooks that she made over that I couldn’t decide which photo to post here. This basement is leagues more beautiful and interesting than most people’s entire homes. It’s all just so magnificent.

The Painted House / Photo Credit: Christina Wedge



Ashley of The Gold Hive deserves an award for this mural she painted in her office as a guest participant of the One Room Challenge. It took her 100 hours to do in a technique that she details on her blog. Stunning.

Ashley of The Gold Hive


Last but not least is Natasha Haberman. I have had this goal to turn our office into more of a library and what Natasha accomplished as a guest participant is just flat out goals. Every color, detail and design choice has me gawking and wondering how I can replicate it in a smaller space. Just amazing.

Natasha Haberman’s office


I hope to one day be a participant in the One Room Challenge but for now I will just gawk and salivate over the work that everyone has done. Enjoy reading through these and happy Friday!

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