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Client Project: New Apartment in Brooklyn, Introduction Part 2

Last week, I introduced you to a new client project that I’m so excited to be working on: a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn for a lovely lady and her two kids in which she is essentially starting from scratch. I’m calling the project #BrooklynReboot and last week’s introduction described the scope of the entire project, the backstory and then showed off the design direction of the master bedroom. This week, we’re going over the main living space, which is one large room split into the dining and living rooms and kitchen plus entry.

As you can see from these real estate photos, there really is just one room for the main living spaces. On one side of the couch pictured here is the door to the laundry and on the other side is the front door. After the front door is a hallway leading to the bathroom and the bedrooms.


The main living area is very open and gets a lot of natural light, which is so wonderful, but it’s also a tight space so everything needed to feel cohesive. When we began, she let me know she had an idea for artwork and was already getting framed pieces of work her kids created (an idea I absolutely love) and other prints.  She also has a wooden cabinet/wardrobe that she was planning on bringing into the apartment, so I wanted to incorporate that piece of furniture into the design. That served as a jumping off point as did the inspiration photos we had been sharing with each other.


Other than that, I had free reign. I wanted to present to her ideas that echoed what I had presented for her bedroom: design directions that went from global to neutral to feminine. No matter what direction she chose, I wanted the end result to be her opening the door to her apartment and feeling like she was entering a space that was a true reflection of her, one that felt like respite from the outside world and beautiful. As a reminder, here is what I presented her for her bedroom and she chose the first one:


Here are the three design directions for the main living space. As you’ll see, each option has a different feel to it.

Option 1

This combination adheres the most to the client’s desire to have a very neutral palette largely in gray scale, but I wanted to warm it up, so I added wooden and gold elements as well as that knockout soft pink chair in the living room. The soft gray and white patterns in both rugs and curtains tie all the areas together.




Living room rug / couch / living room chair / coffee table / floor lamp / side table / table lamp / ruffle pillow / linen pillows / dining room table / dining chairs / curtains / curtain rod / hanging shelf / kitchen rug


Option 2

Option 2 has a modern global feel due to the print of the living room rug, the shape of the living room furniture and all of that chrome. I leaned into the geometric print of the living room rug by carrying that through to the curtain and shelving in the kitchen. All of that chrome could come off a bit harsh, so I warmed it up with lots of wood and natural materials in the table lamp, kitchen rug, and dining room and coffee tables.


Couch / living room rug / living room chair / coffee table / side table / floor lamp / table lamp / striped pillow / solid pillows / dining table from Wayfair no longer available / dining chairs / curtains / curtain rod / hanging shelves / kitchen rug


Option 3

This is clearly the most glam option. It is also, maybe surprisingly, the most neutral option as all the colors are white, gray, cream, gold and wood tones but with a beautiful couch from Article that makes me salivate. That wow moment in the living room is matched by that gorgeous dining table. That feeling of luxury is spread around all the rooms by the marble or “marble” shelving in the kitchen and the tops of both tables.


Couch / living room rug / living room chair / side table / floor lamp / table lamp in oatmeal / coffee table / dining room table / dining chairs / curtains / curtain rod / shelves / kitchen rug

She decided to go with the living room in Option 3 and the dining room in Option 1. This project started a while ago and is coming together nicely.  We’ve had to swap out a few options due to a few things either being out of stock or not fitting as well in the space as we’d hoped. But I’m very happy to say that she has already been luxuriating on that stunning green couch and I can’t wait for the entire main living space to come all together and then hopefully show you.

What do you think of all of these various elements? Not gonna lie, I’m kind of jealous that I don’t have that green couch myself. It would look amazing in our office!




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