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Margot Molyneux store / Photo by Trendland

2018 Design Trends

In case you don’t obsessively read about design and trends like I do (I feel like I haven’t read a book in ages…I should get on that!), then you may not be up on what are expected to be the design trends for 2018. But guess what? I am and I’m here to share with you what you can expect to see (and perhaps see too much of) on the interwebs, namely Pinterest, over the next 12 months.

Most Everyday People Trend
Remember hygge, a linguistically hard word for Americans to say and which most Americans haven’t even heard of? Well, the Scots are getting into the “let’s make the world cozy” trend and are proclaiming that Còsagach will be the design trend for 2018. Yes, another word that Americans will have trouble spelling, saying, remembering or even knowing about. According to Elle Decor, Còsagach is an old Gaelic word for the feeling of being snug, sheltered or cozy. This, I think, will be the easiest trend for most people to incorporate into their everyday lives this year.
Cosagach example / Photo by Jack Boothby

Most Making Me Want to Change Things Up
According to interior design team Studio McGee, warmer tones are on the horizon. This seems like a natural move, to me, from the jewel tones that were having a big moment in the past couple of years. Warmer tones provide the same lush and snug feeling of jewel tones but also include neutral colors. Similar to the Hygge and Cosagach trends, there’s a lot of coziness here.
Photo by Commune Design


Most As I’ve Been Saying…
Designer Genevieve Gorder recently told House Beautiful that geometrics are going to be super popular in 2018, especially circles. If you have been reading this blog, then you know how much I love a circle or curved object. I love this trend!

Most Dramatic
Dwell says kitchens and bathrooms are getting darker in 2018, a trend backed by appliance manufacturers who are bringing the drama big time. I love black in design and in homes (I just need to convince Daniel on that point) and I am definitely interested in this trend. I mean, look at that $9,000 fridge in the Dwell story! Nothing I will ever be able to afford nor would I want to spend that kind of money on an appliance, but LOOK AT ITS BEAUTY!
VVD kitchen collection by DADA

Most Social
According to this story on Domino, statement-making decor will take over in 2018. This falls in line with what others are saying – see above, re: warm tones, geometrics, drama – and also with one other element that we can’t escape anymore: social media. Rooms that make a statement, from decor options to paint colors and wallpaper, look amazing on Instagram and Pinterest, platforms that influence how people renovate and decorate.
Social interior design example / Photo by Cody Guilfoyle

Most Hmmmm?
Terrazzo is going to be a thing. Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, whose work I like very very much, said so early last year and is designing singer/actress Mandy Moore’s house with terrazzo flooring throughout. Since Sarah first mentioned it, it’s been cropping up in various forms of design (home decor included) and is expected to be a trend this year. I am not exactly a fan and think it has minimal applications (i.e. only midcentury modern homes and perhaps some Mediterranean-style homes). I think it might seem fresh now but I think it will look super dated in just a short amount of time. But I’m interested in seeing how skilled designers can take it from “hmmmm?” to “aaaaaah.”
Terrazzo Shower by Made Architects

Most Ridiculous
I love plants. I know nothing about them and I kill them often, but if you follow me on IG, then you’ll notice that I show off my plants a lot, especially in the warmer months. I also love a plant with very interesting leaves because they’re beautiful. Duh! But calling patterned plants a trend, in my opinion, is just dumb so this trend named by Elle Decor gets the Most Ridiculous Award.
Prayer Plant on A Beautiful Mess / Photo by Sarah Rhodes


And that’s the jist of home decor and design trends for 2018. In my opinion, the best trends to watch out for and try to incorporate into your own home if you are so inclined are those of warm tones, circular shapes, a hint of drama and anything comfortable. This store in South Africa embodies so much of this in one luxurious space.
Margot Molyneux store / Photo by Trendland

And, also, the best trend to incorporate into your space is anything that will make you happy in your own home.

So, any of these look appealing to you?

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