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Photo courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Friday Faves: Food for Thought

Am I the only one who feels like every week in January has been dragging? Now that it’s February and it’s the shortest month of the year, we are thismuch closer to being done with winter when I won’t care as much that the days are longer. But it’s Fri-YAY finally and I’m back with this week’s Friday Faves, starting off with news about Ikea, then sharing updates from one of my favorite interior designers, and then talking about a new food documentary worth watching.


Long before we bought our house and I had thoughts in my head about what adulthood would look like, I thought my first home was going to be completely furnished from big girl stores and nothing from IKEA. But as reality continued to show itself in the years since these very unpractical thoughts, I have realized that I just can’t quit IKEA. My budget won’t allow it and also, frankly, it’s just too damn good. There are many reasons why the world just can’t quit IKEA and it all started with its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who passed away this week. The IKEA history is so unique and worth reading about if you haven’t yet. This Fortune story from a few years ago is particularly fascinating. Relatedly, this is hilarious.

Photo courtesy of The Shovel


Praise Be Sarah Sherman Samuel

Okay, maybe that intro was a bit much, but I’m a huge fan of her work and, this week, she gave us a couple of project updates that I’m swooning over.

The first is the kitchen remodel that she did in her vacation cabin. Yes, it’s tiny, but the design, finishes and colors she chose really open up the space. Also, Daniel’s favorite color is green and I am constantly thinking of our future kitchen renovation, so this is inspiration. She also posted a full tour of the entire house this week, which you can see here.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

The second is a sneak peak of the home she designed for singer/actress Mandy Moore, as seen on My Domaine. Both Mandy Moore’s house and Sarah’s vacation home have good bones and strong points of view, and those two elements really make the design pop, but Sarah really knows how to make a transformation!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel


Food for Thought

I had the opportunity to attend a private screening of a new food documentary this week that you can watch on YouTube. If you’ve heard about food insecurity, you know how vast the hunger problem is in this country and how it affects people in every community, in every county, in every state. If you are unaware about food insecurity, it is defined as the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Last spring, dozens of students in the city of Newark, NJ, came together to understand how food insecurity affects their health and the health of their community, and created a documentary of their experience. The documentary was made with the help of NJ- and Newark-based health, food, education and community partners, and is worth a watch. Hopefully, you can check it out this weekend.


And, with that, happy Friday, happy weekending!

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