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Design Client: #BrooklynReboot Reveal

I introduced you to a new design client project back in December, which I dubbed Brooklyn Reboot (#BrooklynReboot) and showed you the decor plans for the master bedroom and open living area. Well, I’m so excited to reveal the final project and how it’s all come together!



The client is a woman starting from scratch, aka rebooting her life, as a single mom. With a literal and figurative blank slate, my client moved into her new apartment in Brooklyn with no bed, no sofa, no table. In fact, not much of anything.

Over the course of several months, we collaborated on an apartment that pushed her past her previous decor comfort levels and created a space that reflected the rebooted version of her. It is simultaneously sexy, glamourous, feminine and functional with touches of whimsy.

Here are the real estate photos that show where we started:

The #BrooklynReboot project required the following:

  • Creating a master bedroom that would make her feel like she has a space that’s truly her own, a lady’s retreat
  • Outfitting an entire main living space
  • Leaving the artwork to the client as she had plenty that she was bringing, including her kids’ drawings and other pieces to place all over the apartment.


And here is the Brooklyn Reboot reveal:

The apartment gets amazing light with one large window in the master bedroom and a wall of windows and a glass patio door in the open space living area.

I love the mixture of texture and pattern in the master, with the woven and striped curtains, the flatweave printed rug and the beautiful beaded and embroidered blanket, all within the same color scheme of various pinks, creams, taupes and grays.


I can’t tell you how much I love this emerald green velvet couch from Article.  The main living space was built around this green couch, with everything else being neutral in color but making their own statements with pattern, texture, organic materials and shape.

I styled the dining area two ways, one with bright fruit colors to make it really pop against the neutral colors of the table and chairs, and the second with beautiful green plating to connect with the green couch (but you don’t actually see the green couch in this shot so…whatever!).

While I love what I helped out with, I gotta say, the kids’ artwork as the apartment’s main art is my favorite decor touch!

So what do you think of the #BrooklynReboot reveal? Any comments or questions, sign off below. And if you are interested in working together, email regine@the256project.com.