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Client Project: New Apartment in Brooklyn

Today, I am introducing you to a beautiful new client project that has been a year in the making. It involves a really fun and stylish lady, her two super cute kids, a new two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn that gets ALL THE LIGHT and even has in-apartment washer and dryer AND a private patio (WTF?!), and a new start in life. This client project is a true collaborative effort and I’m so excited to be working on it. Together, we’re dubbing it #BrooklynReboot. Here is an introduction to the Brooklyn client project, starting with the master bedroom.

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DIY: Back Door Paint Job and Christmas Decorations

Multiple choice question: Did I recently paint our back door because a) it was falling apart and ugly AF, b) I was supposed to be working on something else but I was procrastinating that so I painted the back door instead, c) I wanted a pretty backdrop for a Christmas wreath, or d) all of the above? Of course my most recent DIY project was due to all of the above and now look how pretty Christmas is!!

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Client Project: Modern Feminine Nursery in Michigan

Welcome to Michigan, baby! My latest client project has taken me to a small room in a modern house in Ann Arbor that is being converted into a nursery in time for a baby girl to arrive by early January. And you know how I am always talking about how important rugs are? Well, this nursery design grew out of a beautiful rug and incorporates soft colors, modern design and feminine touches to become a beautiful little space. I’ve dubbed this client project #Michiganbaby. Ready to see?

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Friday Faves: Giving Thanks and Foooooooood

Happy Thanksgiving weekend and happy Friday! We have a lot to be grateful and thankful for, one of them being our tiny, hairy family. And something else to be thankful for is lotsa food, one of which is a Kreyol Kitchen redo that I’m sharing in this Friday Faves. Remember earlier this week, I shared the first EPIC FAIL in translating my Haitian grandmother’s recipes when I tried to make mocha pudding? Well, I had wanted a dessert to bring for Thanksgiving so I was determined to change my chocolate soup mistake into an actual chocolate dessert that you’d want to eat. I made a few changes and it worked!

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Recipe: Mocha Pudding Epic Fail

This is the story of my first EPIC FAIL in cooking and baking my grandmother’s recipes. What was supposed to be probably a firm and delicious mocha pudding turned into chocolate soup. Truthfully, I am not going to hate on chocolate soup but I was hoping to post a dessert recipe here that you could use for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season and now I can only post about what not to do and maybe how I think I can make it better…but not sure if it’s just that I suck at life and maybe can’t actually make it better?

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Friday Faves: One Room Challenge

I’m home sick with a dog that needs to wear a cone thanks to a little foot problem. So…it’s going to be a FUN Friday over at the cozy cottage. But one thing that has been entertaining me for seven weeks has been the One Room Challenge. I wrote about it before and you can find more information over at Calling It Home. The basic gist is that 20 seriously talented featured designers as well as numerous guest designers participate in what is usually six weeks to totally transform one room, with the help of sponsors. They had their room reveals this week and there is just so much gorgeousness. Part of me feels totally inept and clueless and another part of me is very much inspired. This week’s Friday Faves is all about my favorite reveals.

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I Have This Thing with Chairs

Not to be all dramatic but accent chairs pretty much make the room. Well, lots of things make a room, like a rug, and well, walls… but a chair, a chair! The thing about an accent chair is that, while it provides a necessary function, it also easily can become the star. And sorry to be all basic, but I have to say it: I have this thing with chairs.

Friday Faves: Cool Design Choices

Well, I guess winter is here! It went from 70 degrees to highs of 40 degrees in a week and I’m not loving it. I hope to be able to just cozy up in the cozy cottage all weekend (and for the next few months?). As always, I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m hoping I get to dedicate this weekend to a few design projects I have, for both the interior and clothing kinds. Anyway, I have a few #FridayFaves to share with you, so let’s get to it.

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#LivingLaLincolnCenter Living Room Design

I am working on a really fun project, helping a couple who recently bought a one-bedroom in the Lincoln Center neighborhood of New York City totally redesign the space. They moved to the city from LA without any of their previous furniture and almost no art or other personal home decor. I introduced the home design project last week with the nickname #LivingLaLincolnCenter both to keep the client’s privacy and to be cheesy. They are currently undergoing a renovation that will transform the main rooms of the apartment and turn it into a two-bedroom. The wife, someone I’ve known a long time now, has enlisted me to help her with the design.  Last week, I shared with you the three main design options I had presented for the living room. Want to see the direction she liked the best?

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Friday Faves: Making a House a Home

Yikes, it’s already November!! We just decorated for Halloween and now we’re only a month away from Christmas decorations. Time is going by fast. The only time I like to go by quickly is Monday through Thursday. Speaking of which, Happy Friday! I’ve got some #FridayFaves for you, including a cocktail and quite a few entries in the Making a House a Home/DIY category…

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