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Garden Project: We Chose a Paint Color!

We chose a paint color! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to refer to this post from two weeks ago in which I detailed the three main garden projects of the summer and asked for people to vote on a paint color for this ugly cement wall that is the side of our garage. The choice was between Crystal Rapids (the lighter, slightly bluer one on top) and Tropical Trail (the darker, slightly greener one on the bottom). Both are Behr paint from Home Depot. I also posted the paint choices to social media and people overwhelmingly went for Crystal Rapids. Well, I can now reveal to you what we went with…

Choosing between two colors for the cement exterior garage wall.

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Garden Projects

Backyardaholic – it’s a new word I’ve invented. It means addicted to hanging out in my backyard (as I’m doing right now after a long day’s work in it) and enjoying an alcoholic beverage (it’s currently white wine, it was beer earlier, and it might be something else later). I warned you this might happen – see here – and referenced this problem when I talked about why I haven’t gotten started on any of our 2017 projects yet. Another reason why I’m addicted to hanging out in our backyard is because I’ve had several garden projects on the brain. There are three and all are currently in the works so I’ll take you through them right now.

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Six-Month Check In, aka We’ve Done Nothing

Remember how I was all like, “We’re going to do so much this year, just you wait and see?” Not only has the year started since I said that (back in December 2016), but we’re six months into the year, a whole halfway over!!, and we have done exactly nothing from that list. A lot of that has to do with having to replace our roof – surprise! – and then spring came and all we have wanted to do is spend it outside. In fact, I recently wrote about how I will be a backyard bum for the next few months. At some point soon, I’ll start paying attention to the projects in the house. At this six-month check in, that means I’m going to have to revise the list. So let’s take a look.

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Backyard Bum: Updates to Our Backyard on a Budget

If you’re ever wondering what I do with my weekends when the weather is nice, the answer is I become a backyard bum. I also become a beach bum, but that has nothing to do with our house. From Friday evening to Sunday evening when the weather is nice, barring any plans that take me away from my home, you can catch me out back early and often. This started two years ago when we began putting together our backyard on a budget and then we got an active dog and we were instantly committed to spending a lot of time outside. This past month, however, my backyard bum status has been exacerbated – or greatly improved – by getting what I have been wanting for the past two years: a super comfortable outdoor couch. Also known as a napping couch. Also known as the place where you’ll find me the rest of the summer. As always, every space we own is a work in progress but I’m feeling pretty good about what we’ve got going on back here. And here’s how we got to that “feeling pretty good” place.

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Small but Mighty: A Love Note to Our House

We have a small house – not technically a tiny house, but cozy enough that I’m confident it’s in #smallspacesquad territory – and there’s a lot I want to change and fix and upgrade and improve and change and fix. BUT, every once in a while, I’ll have a moment when I realize that our home, while imperfect and “not there yet,” is small but mighty and that I’m happy we have it. A moment like that happened recently.

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We Got a New Roof!

Do you remember how I said we needed to get a new roof and kind of unexpectedly? Well, we got it!


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Spring Refresh with a Guest Bedroom Update

Do you remember how, last summer, we created a flex guest bedroom/sewing studio/hangout space from scratch in just under a month and the before-and-after transformation was included in Apartment Therapy? Between what I wrote in my original post – I felt something was missing, with one wall in particular – and the comments on that post and on Apartment Therapy, I knew this room was going to get a minor update. And finally, after months of thinking about how and making a small purchase here and there, I gave the guest bedroom a little update just in time for spring.


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Winter at The 256 Project

Winter was mostly unwinter-like in the New York City area this year, which, for a winter hater, is perfectly fine by me. All winter long, I’ve been sharing our house plans (start here and work your way backwards) and the fact that we need a new roof (yikes). In addition to all of that, we’ve also had a fun time these past few months, playing in the snow, getting cozy with our always-half-full bar, and even got in some BBQ (thanks, global warming!). Here is a snapshot of our winter. Hint: It had a lot to do with loving our dog. You can also always peep what we’re up to via Instagram, @reginelaboss.

We’re Getting a New Roof

So here’s what happened: literally, I had just finished saying to Daniel that I thought we wouldn’t end up spending a boatload of money on the house this year because all of our projects we have planned we can mostly do ourselves and then I walk upstairs to get some sewing supplies out of the guest room and look up at the ceiling and see a huge water stain thanks to the fabulous Nor’easter we’d just experienced and then go back downstairs and say, “Nevermind!” So, new roof, guys. We’re getting a new roof. And there goes, like everything.
Images of our roof taken by one of the roofers who gave us an estimate.

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How We Plan to Upgrade Our Entryway This Year

Back in December, I listed out the top five projects I hoped we could achieve in 2017 and, over the past few weeks, I’ve gone into a bit more detail about the first four projects (see here, here and here). Now, for the fifth project, I’m going to share a bit more about upgrading the entryway and why we’re doing this in the first place. Hint: it has to do with Daniel being a klutz.

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