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Cocktail (Unnamed)

My grandmother had one recipe in the book dedicated to alcohol and as we were hosting our first family dinner party this weekend, I thought it a good time to whip up what she simply called “cocktail.”

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Poulet a la Creme Sidebar

I mentioned in the previous post that, because Daniel doesn’t like mushrooms, I swapped out the cream of mushroom for cream of celery. Now this, from Daniel:

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Poulet a la Creme/Chicken in a Cream Sauce

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I wanted to start off easy so I chose Poulet à la Crème. The recipe calls for cooking the chicken (or duck) in its own juices until tender and has a good yellow color. Put the chicken, piece by piece, in a buttered oven dish. Add a can of evaporated milk and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Mix them well and cover the chicken. Add grated cheese to lightly cover the chicken and then bake until the chicken is fully done.

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Kreyol Kitchen

One summer break during elementary school, my grandmother, my father’s mother, came from Haiti to stay with us. While she was there, my parents asked her to write down all the recipes she had memorized in a notebook. Over the course of the summer, she wrote down in her script handwriting every recipe, from marinades to desserts, she could remember. I’ve thought for a while of making every recipe in the book as a way of connecting with my grandmother and of learning more about my Haitian culinary roots. Now that we have our own house, I thought it time to start the Kreyol Kitchen. In addition to documenting how we, as first time homeowners, are tackling making our house a home, I’ll document on this blog how I tackle these recipes, from the easy to the hard, and share those recipes with you. Stay tuned for deliciousness!