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Friday Faves: Apartment Therapy!!!

GUYS!!! I’m starting off this week’s Friday Faves with great news: Apartment Therapy included our backyard and Boss Bar as a Before & After this week. Woo hoo! Check it out here. And now for more #FridayFaves…


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House Tour: Two and a Half Years In

Our cozy cottage has gone through a lot the past two and a half years yet not enough, in my opinion. There are rooms that we did right away and rooms we haven’t even touched yet. There are rooms that are likely to get redone either through little touch ups and minor changes or through major renovation. And then there are rooms (maybe only just one) that just need one minor fix. So here’s the first house tour that I’ve done on The 256 Project to show befores and afters of what we’ve done so far and show you rooms you’ve never seen before (and for good reason!). Scroll down for the house tour and swipe through for the before and after of each room (or just the before, in some instances).

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Garden Projects

Backyardaholic – it’s a new word I’ve invented. It means addicted to hanging out in my backyard (as I’m doing right now after a long day’s work in it) and enjoying an alcoholic beverage (it’s currently white wine, it was beer earlier, and it might be something else later). I warned you this might happen – see here – and referenced this problem when I talked about why I haven’t gotten started on any of our 2017 projects yet. Another reason why I’m addicted to hanging out in our backyard is because I’ve had several garden projects on the brain. There are three and all are currently in the works so I’ll take you through them right now.

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Backyard Bum: Updates to Our Backyard on a Budget

If you’re ever wondering what I do with my weekends when the weather is nice, the answer is I become a backyard bum. I also become a beach bum, but that has nothing to do with our house. From Friday evening to Sunday evening when the weather is nice, barring any plans that take me away from my home, you can catch me out back early and often. This started two years ago when we began putting together our backyard on a budget and then we got an active dog and we were instantly committed to spending a lot of time outside. This past month, however, my backyard bum status has been exacerbated – or greatly improved – by getting what I have been wanting for the past two years: a super comfortable outdoor couch. Also known as a napping couch. Also known as the place where you’ll find me the rest of the summer. As always, every space we own is a work in progress but I’m feeling pretty good about what we’ve got going on back here. And here’s how we got to that “feeling pretty good” place.

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Backyard on a Budget

Backyard - general view
The backyard officially almost done.

It only took all summer (and spring, too), but we are finally almost officially done with our backyard. Why almost? Well, I look around and see a few areas that I want to change, cover up, add to, etc. But I also look around and think, ‘Wow, we really created a cute space out of nothing.’ And, honestly, it feels so great to have this space, where over the past few months, we’ve had morning coffee, plenty of dinners, afternoon and evening drinks, and just plain old lazy lounging around time.

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