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Garden Project: We Chose a Paint Color!

We chose a paint color! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to refer to this post from two weeks ago in which I detailed the three main garden projects of the summer and asked for people to vote on a paint color for this ugly cement wall that is the side of our garage. The choice was between Crystal Rapids (the lighter, slightly bluer one on top) and Tropical Trail (the darker, slightly greener one on the bottom). Both are Behr paint from Home Depot. I also posted the paint choices to social media and people overwhelmingly went for Crystal Rapids. Well, I can now reveal to you what we went with…

Choosing between two colors for the cement exterior garage wall.

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Mud Room: Phase 1 Done

Four months ago, I shared my thoughts on designing the mud room, the projects that this area requires and the different phases that it would take due to budget and timing. I also said that I wanted Phase 1 done by the fall so we would have a place to store jackets and heavier coats. After being lazy about it the entire summer, we finally finished Phase 1 over two weekends at the end of September and beginning of October.


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White Paint: The More You Know

I have referenced a few times how much I hate the dingy off-white color every room and hallway was painted in our house when we moved in (see: guest room, living room). I love a bright white paint and we have so far taken Powdered Snow by Behr to be our go-to white. We chose this because our house doesn’t get a ton of light for long periods and wherever we have chosen to paint white (not many places), we chose to do so to brighten it up. As it turns out, white – especially bright white – doesn’t work for every room. In fact, Emily Henderson, stylist and one of my favorite bloggers, wrote about it on her site, Style by Emily Henderson. So did Chris and Julia on their site Chris Loves Julia. In short, white paint needs adequate lighting, preferably natural light, otherwise the white will look dingy.

I didn’t know this before we painted these rooms white but it turns out we weren’t complete color-choosing idiots. Powdered Snow has some cream/pink tint in it but looks bright white in a room full of natural light. The rooms that get less light are all painted beautiful, deeper colors. So…yay us?

Anyway, now I know so now you know.

Dear Painting, You Suck

Paint Colors

Dear Painting,

I love you and respect you, but I’m also starting to hate you. As the easiest, most inexpensive and effective way to transform a room – so I’ve heard every designer and interior decorator say – we thought we’d incorporate you just about everywhere in our house.

We’ve been in this house almost four months and have painted four rooms and we’re not done yet. We are worn out and so sick of painting! But we can’t deny how fabulous a good coat with primer in a beautiful vibrant color really changes a space and makes this house more and more “ours.”

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Good-bye Mirrors, Hello Yellow!

Before: The mirrors above the mantel.

The first project we tackled was the dining room and then we moved on to the living room. When we were buying this house, we knew we wanted to immediately do two things with the living room: remove the 50-inch-long mirrors covering the wall above the fireplace mantel and paint the entire room a different color than the ugly off-white/beige/light yellow that the entire house is painted. So here’s how we tackled the living room makeover.

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The Dining Room

The first room we decided to complete was the dining room, which is odd since that’s the room we knew we would use the least. Daniel had the very good idea to not use the space as a full dining room since, as previously implied, we barely use it. We’re the kind of couple that eats dinner in front of the TV in the living room, not at a table over intellectual discourse. We decided to set it up as a half dining area, half adult sitting area. What is an adult sitting area, you may ask? Well, I’m not sure, but perhaps an area with books, chairs and no TV? We’re going with that.

The view of the dining room from the foyer.

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