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Christmas at The 256 Project

Alvin & the Chipmunks playing on the record player and spiked egg nog pretty much sum up Christmastime at The 256 Project. Oh and a beautiful Christmas tree and lots of decorations, of course!

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Our First Christmas in the New House, a.k.a How We Prepared for Our First Holiday Guests


Plot and plan. That’s how we got through what turned out to be a festive frenzy. What was going to be a cozy Christmas of just the three of us – puppy included – celebrating the holiday together for the first time in our new house turned into double the fun. Since we got the call that a few relatives were coming to town for a week over the holidays, we went into planning and shopping mode for a total of 5 adults and 2 dogs, and an entire house to decorate.

christmas tree

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Closing Time


Greetings from The 256 Project! After several years of living in New York City and much contemplation about our future, we decided to make the big decision to buy our first home. And to move to the suburbs. After just two house hunting days and one open house, we put an offer on and got this tiny little cottage in a New Jersey suburb of NYC.

This is a photo of us on our closing day, two days before Christmas 2014. In the weeks following, we have spent many an hour fixing faucet leaks, patching holes, tearing down and taking apart things we don’t like, painting and unpacking. And there is so much more to go.

As first time homebuyers with minimal DIY know-how, this should make for a very interesting process.