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How to Add Color at Home

Ever since starting The 256 Project, one thing that people comment on the most is how we use color in our house. Some people have said that they are impressed by it and wish they had gone bold in their own homes, or wish that they weren’t afraid of color so much so that they could bite the bullet on adding more of their favorite hues at home. Or some people leave our house screaming. But our house is not for them! Clearly, we are not afraid of color here at the cozy cottage. I’ve said before how I really like and admire many different styles of décor, including minimalism and a very white or neutral color palette. If that is what you like and gravitate to, then have fun and enjoy! But if you are interested in adding a little bit of color in some way to your home and aren’t quite sure where to start or how to do it, then I have a few tips for you. I originally wrote about this for Domino and am expanding on this concept below.

Peekaboo color.


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New Story on Domino: Adding Color to Your Home

I contributed another story to Domino magazine. No big deal, folks. I’m just really important. (I kid.) This story is on how to combat fear of color and incorporate it into your home. You can see the full story here. I will talk more about this soon on The 256 Project, expanding on what I touch upon in the Domino story and also show how I incorporate these tips into our own home. Yes, even the “keeping it neutral” tip!

If you want to see what else I’ve contributed to Domino, see here and here. And, if you fear missing out on new content, please subscribe to The 256 Project!

Decor Feels

We recently put together an entire (small) room from scratch. As in, we had no furniture or large pieces of art or decor that we used previously to put in the guest room. And as I was shopping for the room, I realized that I was following a set of rules that I had created for myself. Those rules come in part from having strong opinions, taking advice from bloggers that I admire, and acting as a hopefully decent compromiser to Daniel, who also has his own opinions. So now that we have been living together for a number of years and are getting to create a new style that matches us as a couple (but, let’s face it, is mostly what I push for because I care more), I realize I have a few decor rules. Well, not really rules. More like decor feels.




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