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Office Library Mid-Century Modern DIY for 2017

What is the point of having two separate areas of books in one small house, one set of bookshelves in the office (appropriate location) and the other set in the dining room (less appropriate place)? That is the question driving one of our top projects planned for 2017: creating one full wall unit of books that will include a desk in the office.


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House Happiness

Front door from far

Look at this door! Isn’t it flippin’ fantastic???!!! Well, the door itself is nothing special but that color, man, that color! You know what that color does? I’ll tell you what it does. It sparks joy. I don’t mean to get all Marie Kondo on you, but when I look at that door now, I feel joyful.

It didn’t start out that way. When we bought the house, the front door was a perfectly nice, calming blue. It was the basic bitch of blues. Perhaps I’m being a bit rude to that blue, and I don’t mean to, but what a snoozefest that color was.


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New Year, New House

We moved into our new house the first weekend of the new year. Here’s a little bit of information about the house:

  • It is a cottage house, the style emphasized by the light gray siding with white trim.
  • It is SO OLD! It was built in 1903, about 20 years earlier than the houses in this neighborhood and town.
  • It is SO SMALL! It’s less than 1300 sq ft, which isn’t tiny and is perfect for just the two of us, but you really get a sense of how small it is when you realize just how small each room is. I guess a better word for small would be cozy. You also get a sense of how small it is when you see it compared to every other house on the block and in the neighborhood. But maybe we also have the coziest house.
  • The backyard matches the size of the house. Cozy. For some reason, serving this cozy house and this cozy yard, there is a detached three-car garage. Not cozy. We have big DIY plans on how to make better use of the garage and driveway and make the backyard a more livable space for us (and a future dog??!!) to hang out.
  • We have stained glass windows. Three, to be exact. How awesome is that??!!
One of Three Stained Glass Windows

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Closing Time: Our New Home


Greetings from The 256 Project! After several years of living in New York City and much contemplation about our future, we decided to make the big decision to buy our first home. And to move to the suburbs. After just two house hunting days and one open house, we put an offer on this tiny little cottage in a New Jersey suburb of NYC. Welcome to our new home!

This is a photo of us on our closing day, two days before Christmas 2014. In the weeks following, we have spent many an hour fixing faucet leaks, patching holes, tearing down and taking apart things we don’t like, painting and unpacking. And there is so much more to go.

As first time homebuyers with minimal DIY know-how, this should make for a very interesting process.