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Friday Faves: Making a House a Home

Yikes, it’s already November!! We just decorated for Halloween and now we’re only a month away from Christmas decorations. Time is going by fast. The only time I like to go by quickly is Monday through Thursday. Speaking of which, Happy Friday! I’ve got some #FridayFaves for you, including a cocktail and quite a few entries in the Making a House a Home/DIY category…

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Clienting: Kitchen Backsplash for #ProjectPauli

The 256 Project was recently contacted by a lovely lady named Pauli, who owns a condo in Chicago and is looking into putting up backsplash in her kitchen. Pauli asked, “What do you think about backsplashes??? I’d really like a grey, but I’m not sure if that’s out of style now. My cabinets are cherry, appliances chrome and countertop is black granite with some specs of green and silver/white in there.”

Yeah!! I love a fun project with beautiful results! And so #ProjectPauli commenced. Here is the e-design process we went through.

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Office Library Mid-Century Modern DIY for 2017

What is the point of having two separate areas of books in one small house, one set of bookshelves in the office (appropriate location) and the other set in the dining room (less appropriate place)? That is the question driving one of our top projects planned for 2017: creating one full wall unit of books that will include a desk in the office.


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Master Bedroom Closet Doors

Old houses are a big pain in the ass. They are beautiful and have so much unique character and detail – stuff I love – but when it comes to improving said old house, they are a pain in the ass. Especially for people like us who aren’t handy.

Stained glass window and staircase
As seen from our second floor landing: beautiful baseboards, stained glass window and window frame details.

The thing about old houses is that you have to get creative about how you find or create storage and then, on top of that, you may have to work in an oddly configured space.

That’s exactly what is happening with us when it comes to adding doors to our master bedroom closet.

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That’s #SoDomino

Oh, hey there! I took a little break from The 256 Project to contribute a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to Domino magazine. The slideshow is about DIYing outdoor spaces on a budget, even in small or unconventional areas. For some reason, the link only works on desktop browsers, but check it out and let me know what you think!