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Friday Faves: Into the Details

Really the only thing on my mind all week has been Oprah’s Golden Globes speech and the entire Time’s Up movement but that has nothing to do with interior design and food so…have no fear as I still have plenty of relevant stories to share with you for this week. Today‚Äôs Friday Faves is all about the details.

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White Paint: The More You Know

I have referenced a few times how much I hate the dingy off-white color every room and hallway was painted in our house when we moved in (see: guest room, living room). I love a bright white paint and we have so far taken Powdered Snow by Behr to be our go-to white. We chose this because our house doesn’t get a ton of light for long periods and wherever we have chosen to paint white (not many places), we chose to do so to brighten it up. As it turns out, white – especially bright white – doesn’t work for every room. In fact, Emily Henderson, stylist and one of my favorite bloggers, wrote about it on her site, Style by Emily Henderson. So did Chris and Julia on their site Chris Loves Julia. In short, white paint needs adequate lighting, preferably natural light, otherwise the white will look dingy.

I didn’t know this before we painted these rooms white but it turns out we weren’t complete color-choosing idiots. Powdered Snow has some cream/pink tint in it but looks bright white in a room full of natural light. The rooms that get less light are all painted beautiful, deeper colors. So…yay us?

Anyway, now I know so now you know.