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Friday Faves: One Room Challenge

I’m home sick with a dog that needs to wear a cone thanks to a little foot problem. So…it’s going to be a FUN Friday over at the cozy cottage. But one thing that has been entertaining me for seven weeks has been the One Room Challenge. I wrote about it before and you can find more information over at Calling It Home. The basic gist is that 20 seriously talented featured designers as well as numerous guest designers participate in what is usually six weeks to totally transform one room, with the help of sponsors. They had their room reveals this week and there is just so much gorgeousness. Part of me feels totally inept and clueless and another part of me is very much inspired. This week’s Friday Faves is all about my favorite reveals.

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Friday Faves: Cool Design Choices

Well, I guess winter is here! It went from 70 degrees to highs of 40 degrees in a week and I’m not loving it. I hope to be able to just cozy up in the cozy cottage all weekend (and for the next few months?). As always, I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m hoping I get to dedicate this weekend to a few design projects I have, for both the interior and clothing kinds. Anyway, I have a few #FridayFaves to share with you, so let’s get to it.

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Friday Faves: Making a House a Home

Yikes, it’s already November!! We just decorated for Halloween and now we’re only a month away from Christmas decorations. Time is going by fast. The only time I like to go by quickly is Monday through Thursday. Speaking of which, Happy Friday! I’ve got some #FridayFaves for you, including a cocktail and quite a few entries in the Making a House a Home/DIY category…

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Friday Faves: Instagram Woes

There are some weeks when “Where is weekend?” is all I think about and this week was one of them. So I’m happy to say “It’s Friday, it’s Friday!!!” To celebrate, here are this week’s Friday Faves. A major focus I’ve had of late is Instagram and the problems that a lot of us are seeing with it…


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Friday Faves: My Latest Obsession

It’s Friday, it’s Fri-Yay! I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I’ve spent the past four weeks doing a lot of traveling and I’m so looking forward to a weekend at home to do absolutely anything I want or need to do even, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, weeding. I’m also dreaming of my next (maybe?) project, which leads me to my latest obsession and what I’ve been reading this week. Here are my Friday Faves.

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Friday Faves: Frame TV, German Food and Jimmy Kimmel

After two weeks off, I’m back with another Friday Faves. Pardon the interruption as Daniel and I were traveling for two weeks and soaking in design inspiration along the way. And now it’s the first Friday in October so let’s get to what’s been on my mind this past week, including coveting Samsung’s new Frame TV.

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Friday Faves: Paint, Fabric and Color

Happy Friday, folks! It’s going to be a whirlwind the next couple of weeks and I’m working on several projects that I hope to show you, as well as details about those projects that anyone can incorporate at home. But first, TGIF! It’s Fri-YAY! And here are this week’s Friday Faves, all about how certain design choices have blown me away this week and some good information to have.

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Friday Faves: Designers and a Side of Smug

Happy Friday from The 256 Project! I took a little break last week as did the rest of the country and I’m back this week with a spotlight on two designers as well as a story from Daniel. Here are this week’s Friday Faves.

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Friday Faves: Essays, Recipe and House Tours

This week’s Friday Faves shares a couple of personal essays, a recipe we hope to try and home tours. We’re starting with the personal stuff first.


Design*Sponge, a blog I have followed for years now, is celebrating its 13th anniversary. Creator, designer and writer Grace Bonney wrote an essay this week that just had me agreeing with and appreciating her on many fronts. Take a look if you want to read about the lessons she’s learned about herself throughout the Design Sponge journey.

Speaking of essays, did you catch the one I wrote this week on this here blog about wrinkles, my mom and mirrors? P.S. She still has that pin she’s wearing in that top photo.

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Friday Faves: Dumb Jokes, Paint Trends and House Tours

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, let’s all do the Friday dance! And I’m back with Friday Faves, starting off with one of my favorite things…

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