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Friday Faves: Designers and a Side of Smug

Happy Friday from The 256 Project! I took a little break last week as did the rest of the country and I’m back this week with a spotlight on two designers as well as a story from Daniel. Here are this week’s Friday Faves.

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Friday Faves: Kitchens and Mirrors

I hope you all enjoyed our first full house tour that I posted to the blog earlier this week. I’m sharing more details in Instagram Stories so be sure to check these stories out over the next few days. One of the main takeaways is how horrible our kitchen is so it’s no surprise that I’m constantly thinking of ways to renovate it and upgrade it. Therefore, a lot of today’s Friday Faves focuses on kitchens.

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Friday Faves: Dumb Jokes, Paint Trends and House Tours

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, let’s all do the Friday dance! And I’m back with Friday Faves, starting off with one of my favorite things…

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Friday Faves: Maximalism, NOLA and Vintage

Happy Friday from The 256 Project! I’m back with another week of Friday faves, covering a bit of maximalism, some shopping tips and one of my favorite cities.

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New Column: Friday Faves

The 256 Project has been focused on how we’ve been making our first house a home through plenty of projects and through translating my grandmother’s recipes, with the occasional client project thrown in. I’ve never shared with you much beyond my project world, but that changes today. I thought I’d start a new weekly column every Friday so I can share with you some of my favorite designers, stories, house tours, interviews and recipes of the week – basically anything that I really liked that falls into the shelter and food categories. I’m calling this new column “Friday Faves” and it starts now!

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