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Friday Faves: Garlic and…HGTV?

It’s been a while since I did a #FridayFaves round-up. Admittedly, I got kinda lazy and busy once the holidays got closer and, well, you know what happens. But I figured I’d start the year off right and actually post what I said I was going to post. So happy Friday! This week, I’m spreading the love for garlic and HGTV.

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Master Bedroom Closet Doors

Old houses are a big pain in the ass. They are beautiful and have so much unique character and detail – stuff I love – but when it comes to improving said old house, they are a pain in the ass. Especially for people like us who aren’t handy.

Stained glass window and staircase
As seen from our second floor landing: beautiful baseboards, stained glass window and window frame details.

The thing about old houses is that you have to get creative about how you find or create storage and then, on top of that, you may have to work in an oddly configured space.

That’s exactly what is happening with us when it comes to adding doors to our master bedroom closet.

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