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Office Library Mid-Century Modern DIY for 2017

What is the point of having two separate areas of books in one small house, one set of bookshelves in the office (appropriate location) and the other set in the dining room (less appropriate place)? That is the question driving one of our top projects planned for 2017: creating one full wall unit of books that will include a desk in the office.


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Update: Corner, Styled

Remember just last month when I was tinkering in the office and talked about styling the white end table? I figured out what to do with the inside of it, but was looking for a dramatic lamp, something that catches your eye, either in shape, size or design. I wanted vintage items since this room is full of Ikea and Target purchases. I also wanted something metallic to both draw the eye and help bounce light around and wanted something white to make that one white item in the room – that end table – seem intentional.

corner 1

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