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Client Project: Connecting the Dots Starting with a New Rug

I’m a big believer in rugs and how they can make a room and really define the space. I’ve written about this before and so I was really excited to take on a project that I’m affectionately calling #ProjectConnecttheDots. The impetus for the project was to help a family – longtime friends of mine and their CUTE little girl! – outside of Boston find a new rug for their living room rather quickly with the larger goal of modernizing┬áthe space and connecting it to the adjoining dining room over the long run. The inspiration for the entire space was this bright and happy print the couple bought on a trip to Iceland several years ago.

Art Print from Iceland. Photo taken by client.

And so here is how we are connecting the dots between the living room and dining room starting with a fabulous new rug.

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Update: The Living Room

So when I said we finally had the living room we were hoping for, perhaps I jumped the gun a little bit.


In truth, I thought the rug was boring and didn’t fill out the space, both in size and design, the way I wanted it to; the coffee table, a holdover from our Brooklyn apartment and one that anyone who has ever shopped at Ikea has purchased at least once in their lives, was way too big for the space; and the lamp didn’t end up being the design element we had originally envisioned.

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The Living Room We Were Hoping For

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This living room has slowly been getting transformed into what feels like our true living space. First, we gave it a radical color change by brightening it up with paint. Then we started putting up a few of the items we had had in our Brooklyn apartment, such as the concert and horror movie posters. But it feels like in the past two days, this room became almost complete. After our annual Valentine’s Day pizza date, we were walking through the East Village when we saw a thrift shop. Daniel knew what this meant for him and he begrudgingly entered. Within a half hour, we (i.e. him) were walking out of there carrying a vintage mid-century modern end table. Then we got a lamp from Target with a bright sky blue lampshade that we thought fit the feeling of the room. Then we mounted the watercolor painting of an elephant family that Daniel gave to me for our first wedding anniversary since the colors fit in the room. We got an industrial modern lamp from West Elm that we really like but were surprised at how underwhelming it seemed in the room. Slowly, the living room was coming together but felt like it was missing some oomph (brightly colored fireplace and all).

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Good-bye Mirrors, Hello Yellow!

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When we were buying this house, we knew we wanted to immediately do two things with the living room: remove the 50-inch-long mirrors covering the wall above the fireplace mantel and paint the entire room a different color than the ugly off-white/beige/light yellow that the entire house is painted.

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