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How We’re Keeping Our Outdoor Couch Clean

What was that, you say? Something about how dumb it was to get a white couch for the outdoors? Where it rains and where there’s dirt? And, most especially when you have a dog who immediately claimed it as hers even though it was meant for you to fall asleep on next to a raging-yet-calm fire? Admittedly, these are good questions and I can tell you mostly honestly that this couch has remained clean with just a teensy bit of work on my part. Wanna know how we’re keeping our outdoor couch clean? Okay!

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Backyard Bum: Updates to Our Backyard on a Budget

If you’re ever wondering what I do with my weekends when the weather is nice, the answer is I become a backyard bum. I also become a beach bum, but that has nothing to do with our house. From Friday evening to Sunday evening when the weather is nice, barring any plans that take me away from my home, you can catch me out back early and often. This started two years ago when we began putting together our backyard on a budget and then we got an active dog and we were instantly committed to spending a lot of time outside. This past month, however, my backyard bum status has been exacerbated – or greatly improved – by getting what I have been wanting for the past two years: a super comfortable outdoor couch. Also known as a napping couch. Also known as the place where you’ll find me the rest of the summer. As always, every space we own is a work in progress but I’m feeling pretty good about what we’ve got going on back here. And here’s how we got to that “feeling pretty good” place.

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