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Urgency of Verdancy

When we bought the house, we knew we would turn one of the three bedrooms into an office. Daniel pretty quickly decided on two things: he wanted to feel surrounded by his books and he wanted the room to feel alive, verdant. I can’t tell you the number of times he used the word “verdant” over the course of a few months. I hate that word.


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The Living Room We Were Hoping For

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This living room has slowly been getting transformed into what feels like our true living space. First, we gave it a radical color change by brightening it up with paint. Then we started putting up a few of the items we had had in our Brooklyn apartment, such as the concert and horror movie posters. But it feels like in the past two days, this room became almost complete. After our annual Valentine’s Day pizza date, we were walking through the East Village when we saw a thrift shop. Daniel knew what this meant for him and he begrudgingly entered. Within a half hour, we (i.e. him) were walking out of there carrying a vintage mid-century modern end table. Then we got a lamp from Target with a bright sky blue lampshade that we thought fit the feeling of the room. Then we mounted the watercolor painting of an elephant family that Daniel gave to me for our first wedding anniversary since the colors fit in the room. We got an industrial modern lamp from West Elm that we really like but were surprised at how underwhelming it seemed in the room. Slowly, the living room was coming together but felt like it was missing some oomph (brightly colored fireplace and all).

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Dear Painting, You Suck

Paint Colors

Dear Painting,

I love you and respect you, but I’m also starting to hate you. As the easiest, most inexpensive and effective way to transform a room – so I’ve heard every designer and interior decorator say – we thought we’d incorporate you just about everywhere in our house.

We’ve been in this house almost four months and have painted four rooms and we’re not done yet. We are worn out and so sick of painting! But we can’t deny how fabulous a good coat with primer in a beautiful vibrant color really changes a space and makes this house more and more “ours.”

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Hello? Is it Me You’re Looking for?

I like our house, I think it’s cute, but honestly, it’s a bit basic. It has vinyl siding in a really light gray, a small porch that is white and dark gray, and only one window on the lower level in the front. In other words, the curb appeal is a bit lacking on the ground level.

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Good-bye Mirrors, Hello Yellow!

Before: The mirrors above the mantel.

The first project we tackled was the dining room and then we moved on to the living room. When we were buying this house, we knew we wanted to immediately do two things with the living room: remove the 50-inch-long mirrors covering the wall above the fireplace mantel and paint the entire room a different color than the ugly off-white/beige/light yellow that the entire house is painted. So here’s how we tackled the living room makeover.

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The Dining Room

The first room we decided to complete was the dining room, which is odd since that’s the room we knew we would use the least. Daniel had the very good idea to not use the space as a full dining room since, as previously implied, we barely use it. We’re the kind of couple that eats dinner in front of the TV in the living room, not at a table over intellectual discourse. We decided to set it up as a half dining area, half adult sitting area. What is an adult sitting area, you may ask? Well, I’m not sure, but perhaps an area with books, chairs and no TV? We’re going with that.

The view of the dining room from the foyer.

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