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Garden Projects

Backyardaholic – it’s a new word I’ve invented. It means addicted to hanging out in my backyard (as I’m doing right now after a long day’s work in it) and enjoying an alcoholic beverage (it’s currently white wine, it was beer earlier, and it might be something else later). I warned you this might happen – see here – and referenced this problem when I talked about why I haven’t gotten started on any of our 2017 projects yet. Another reason why I’m addicted to hanging out in our backyard is because I’ve had several garden projects on the brain. There are three and all are currently in the works so I’ll take you through them right now.

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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Tip off #1: We saw a photo on Google Maps of the house before we bought it and there was a very lush white hydrangea bush out front.

Tip off #2: Everyone we met, from our real estate agent to the neighbors on our street and around the block, talked about how much of an avid gardener the previous homeowner was, how the front and backyards were full of beautiful, colorful and aromatic flowers and plants for much of the year.

Tip off #3 that we had lucked into a garden lover’s paradise: the colorful flowers and various greens that started sprouting in late March/early April.

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Hello? Is it Me You’re Looking for?

I like our house, I think it’s cute, but honestly, it’s a bit basic. It has vinyl siding in a really light gray, a small porch that is white and dark gray, and only one window on the lower level in the front. In other words, the curb appeal is a bit lacking on the ground level.

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