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Designer Spotlight: Liz Kamarul

I recently talked about my 2018 plans for the cozy cottage, client projects and the blog. One of those plans is a new series in which I showcase my favorite designers, their work and, hopefully get to talk to them about what makes them tick. I’m calling this new series Designer Spotlight and I’m so excited to share the first in this series with you today. Liz Kamarul is an inventive, creative and talented designer whose ideas and work I admire. Whiling perusing the internets, I spotted a kitchen with a rug on the ceiling instead of the typical ceiling medallion, and I just knew I needed to start paying attention to the designer behind that idea. I have been in awe of Liz’s work ever since.┬áNot only is she creative AF, she’s also super nice and agreed to do this Q&A. How lucky am I?!

Liz Kamarul


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