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Gratin de Homard/Lobster Gratin

It’s been a while since I made one of my grandmother’s recipes so I thought I’d trot out one of her fancier ones: lobster!



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Poisson au Mais

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Tonight’s recipe is Poisson au Mais, or fish with corn. Here is the very basic recipe as my grandmother wrote it:

  • 1 couche de poisson bien epicee
  • 1 couche de bechamelle
  • 1 couche de mais en boite
  • Recommencer l’operation jusqu’a epuissement
  • En dernier lieu, 1 couche de mayonnaise
  • Passer au four

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Poulet a la Creme/Chicken in a Cream Sauce

As I mentioned previously, I’m translating my grandmother’s recipes, the ones she hand wrote one summer when she was visiting us from Haiti. I wanted to start off easy so I chose Poulet à la Crème, or chicken in a cream sauce. The recipe calls for cooking the chicken (or duck) in its own juices until tender and has a good yellow color. Put the chicken, piece by piece, in a buttered oven dish. Add a can of evaporated milk and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Mix them well and cover the chicken. Add grated cheese to lightly cover the chicken and then bake until the chicken is fully done.


Et voila, Poulet a la Creme.


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