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Client Project: Connecting the Dots Starting with a New Rug

I’m a big believer in rugs and how they can make a room and really define the space. I’ve written about this before and so I was really excited to take on a project that I’m affectionately calling #ProjectConnecttheDots. The impetus for the project was to help a family – longtime friends of mine and their CUTE little girl! – outside of Boston find a new rug for their living room rather quickly with the larger goal of modernizing┬áthe space and connecting it to the adjoining dining room over the long run. The inspiration for the entire space was this bright and happy print the couple bought on a trip to Iceland several years ago.

Art Print from Iceland. Photo taken by client.

And so here is how we are connecting the dots between the living room and dining room starting with a fabulous new rug.

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Rugs Rugs Rugs Rugs Rugs

Something I didn’t realize when we were buying the house and we had so many rooms to design and furnish was just how much time I’d spend thinking about and researching rugs. And here I am again, more than a year and a half later, still thinking about and researching rugs. Because, as I’ve come to realize, rugs make a room.

You can have a statement couch, a beautiful piece of art, to-die-for window treatments, the kind of coffee table or other piece of furniture that draws your eye. But while any or all of that is happening, it’s the rug that is grounding the room and tying everything together both geographically (all of the furniture in a room or part of the room is probably touching that rug) and visually since the rug signifies that everything in that room or section of the room belongs together.


Photo: drawhome.com

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