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Courtesy of Erin Kestenbaum

Trend Watch 2019: What to Expect in Home Decor and Design

‘Tis the season, and no, I don’t mean Christmas. It’s that time of year when everyone forecasts their trends for the following year. I’ve been reading up on these trend predictions and have rounded up some here for you so, if you’re wondering what you’re going to see a lot of in home and design next year, this 2019 trends post is for you.


Personally, I’m looking toward quality over quantity, fewer things and, overall, less clutter. I’ve already started doing that at home by accidentally killing plants and throwing them out (ha!) and only looking at home decor products that fit a specific need and function that we don’t currently have as opposed to just buying items that seem cool, pretty or are nice to have. I have no idea how long this will last since I’m kind of a shopaholic, but for now, my main 2019 trend is decluttering.

I also am calling one of the 2019 trends, which I’ll share with you at the end. Here are some of the most interesting design trends I’ve spotted around the interwebs.

Patterns and Color

Pantone recently announced the 2019 color of the year and it’s Living Coral. First, when I heard this, I laughed. We love coral at the cozy cottage. Our front door is painted a coral color (see the story behind that paint job here). We have coral outdoor furniture, which you can see here. And we are currently working on a space where coral paint is a main feature (I will share more of that soonish). It’s like, wow, Pantone, welcome to the world! But really, I love coral and if Pantone’s influence is as pervasive as they say, then I’ll be happy to see more of it out and about in the world of home furnishings and other design.

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year Living Coral

Pantone isn’t the only one feeling the need for a happy color. According to Domino, orange and yellow are expected to pop up everywhere in 2019. I love orange, and yellow has grown on me. We have hits of orange in our house (specifically, these accent tables) and I didn’t really like yellow until we painted our fireplace this bold color and now we have it in yet another spot in the house.

Also, according to Domino, expect to see lots of patterns in bold colors and fresh shapes on everything, from rugs and bathmats to wallpaper. I’ve been really liking Cold Picnic‘s stuff and they do color and pattern so well. Just check out the rug and quilt in this photo.

Cold Picnic rug and quilt / Photo by Jonathan Hokklo


Whether it’s designers alternating their resources with which they produce their materials or consumers looking to invest in key pieces that will last a long time and be less likely to contribute to a landfill in the near future, sustainability is a growing movement in the home decor and interior design world and one of the 2019 trends to watch out for. According to Elle Decor, this includes seeing more home decor made of sustainable materials, such as jute, rice paper and clay.

Courtesy of Elle Decor / Photo by Luis Pena

Statement Ceilings

We tend to pay attention to walls and floors, whether with paint, wallpaper, artwork, rugs or beautiful flooring. But, in years past, little attention has been paid to ceilings, which should serve as the fourth wall of any space. Well, all that changes next year as the statement ceiling is a major trend and will become the focal point of a room, according to Decor Aid. In fact, I recently did something to a room at the cozy cottage and, as it turns out, I was right on trend and didn’t even know it! This room from blogger Erin Kestenbaum is a showstopper of an example.

Courtesy of Erin Kestenbaum

I’m going to go even one further and say that, not only is a statement ceiling something we’ll see more, but a striped ceiling is going to be the main design choice. I’ve been seeing it pop up in other places and I love it.

There are plenty more predicted 2019 trends, but patterns, color, sustainability and statement ceilings are the major themes and the ones that have caught my attention the most. What are you looking forward to seeing more of or less of in home design and decor in 2019?