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The 256 Project Best of 2018

It was kind of a big year at The 256 Project. The best of 2018 includes the biggest renovation we’ve undertaken yet at the cozy cottage, a client design project reveal that I loved, my biggest DIY renovation project, and the new Designer Spotlight series where I got to talk to some pretty awesome people in the design industry. Here is The 256 Project Best of 2018.

At The Cozy Cottage
The year started off big. Large. I mean, YUGE. Okay, that’s a total lie. I ticked off a bunch of little things that had been on my mind, namely replacing our bedroom window. Check out what I’m referring to here.

But then things did get big. I participated in my first One Room Challenge and got real friendly with some power tools. Over the course of six weeks, I transformed our entryway, stairs and upstairs landing, something I’ve been wanting to do. It was all one big DIY, from the beadboard and runner to the wallpaper. To catch up on my first One Room Challenge, start here and end here.


Looking back at the start of 2018, I had given myself two projects to do (see here) and said I wouldn’t mind if I also tackled sprucing up the garden, enhancing Boss Bar, and finally getting closet doors in our bedroom. Well, I did one of the two projects (the entryway), but still haven’t gotten around to creating a custom library. However, we did do some rearranging in the house and now all of our books are in one place, the office, so we’re a step closer than we were before. I did do a little sumpin’ sumpin’ in the garden but didn’t touch the garage. And I’m totally okay with that because something else happened. Something YUGE.

Perhaps you’ve heard me talk about the beautility room renovation (wink wink)? This was definitely not planned for this year but it happened anyway and has totally transformed our first floor for the better. In short, our back door was busted and that spiraled into us moving forward with our biggest renovation to date. To catch up on all things beautility room, start here, end here, and relive lots of in between moments through Instagram.

This project finished a week before Thanksgiving so we’ve spent the rest of 2018 enjoying our house, staying warm and decked out for Christmas.



Client Design Projects
I’ve had the pleasure of working on a few projects for others this past year, including ones I haven’t even introduced to you yet. Here are a few to check out, starting with the #BrooklynReboot reveal, and also the #GiveMeLibertyandaGreatCouch and #LivingLaLincolnCenter projects. Don’t forget, if you want to work with me on one of your spaces or your entire home, email me at regine@the256project.com.

Awesome Reads on the Blog
I started a new column this year called Designer Spotlight, where I showcased the work of different designers and talked about why I admire their work. For those that actually got back to me, I even had the chance to interview them, which was so awesome! Check out the entire Designer Spotlight series here, including Angela Belt, Leanne Ford, and Lauren Liess. I hope to do more of this in 2019.

Smokey Mountain Project / Photo Courtesy of LaurenLiess.com


I also wrote a four-part series on art for the home, as that is often a difficult area for people when they are decorating their spaces. I got to talk to some pretty cool women on the topic, and you can check out that series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down memory lane for the best of 2018 on The 256 Project. In a few weeks, I’ll share with you our 2019 plans for the cozy cottage. Until then, I hope you have the safest of holidays and a happy new year!