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What I’m Into: Beds, Frames and Headboards

I want a new bed and I kinda want a new bedroom. I mean, I like our bedroom but it’s not done and whenever I think about it (which is often because girl likes her sleep), I focus on three things: the bed, the closet door (i.e. where is it?) and the window treatments. But this post is going to focus on beds in case anyone out there is also on the hunt and wants or needs inspiration.

The above photo is how our bedroom is currently designed (well, not entirely true, but we can pretend for the sake of this post). When we first moved in, this room was built in a railroad style with what is currently our office. We did a small renovation that cut off the entrance from our room to the guest room and opened a new entrance into the room from the hallway. You can read more about that here.

That renovation cut out what was a super tiny closet and the only closet in that room. So, later that year, we hired California Closets to build us a new closet worthy of a small master. See more about that here.

Last year, we upgraded our mattress, I DIY’d roman shades out of the curtains that we had been using, and we got a Roku TV. Doing these little things (you can read about them here) helped make the bedroom feel more like a retreat. I mean, let’s be honest, getting a new mattress is pretty life-changing. And I’m happy to report that a year after getting the Leesa mattress, we are still pleased with it.

What still needs to be done is the following: finally install a closet door situation (read more about our attempt here), swap out the lighting fixture and have it centered in the room, change out the nightstands and get a new bed.

Right now, the room is very dark and masculine, with lots of emphasis on dark wood furniture, all of which is enveloped in a dark blue paint color. I’d like to lighten things up where I can and switch up the materials. The closet doors will likely be wood if we ever get around to doing that renovation, which means we need to explore other material options for the bed as that takes up a lot of visual space in the room.

I’d like to add some femininity up in there, as well as lighter and brighter colors. Here are a few bed options:




Source list: 1/2/3/4/5/6

But I also love the way wood looks (my personal taste tends to lean more masculine than feminine, to be honest) and would consider that option if we ended up foregoing the wooden closet doors and hanging fabric to serve as doors instead. I’m digging these options:

Source list: 1/2

Of course, there are more to beds than fabric upholstered or wood. I am loving some leather and metal designs, as well as beds that combine materials and textures, like these:


Source list: 1/2/3/4

To see even more of the beds that I’m into, check out my Pinterest board here. To see other stories about what I’m into, check out here and here.

Will we get a new bed this year? Which design direction will we pick (upholstered, wood, metal, leather, another option entirely)? What do you think about these bed options? So many questions.