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Changes at The Cozy Cottage and 2019 Ideas

The cozy cottage underwent a lot of changes in 2018, home projects big and small. First, we renovated part of the first floor for the new beautility room. Then we created a nursery. And then came smaller home projects to accommodate our new needs, which I am sharing with you now as well as ideas/hopes/dreams for 2019 home projects.

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Client Project: Condo in the City of Brotherly Love, Part 2

Last week, I introduced you to a new client project, which I’m calling #GiveMeLibertyandaGreatCouch. I shared with you the details of this Philadelphia project, inspiration images and the initial moodboards for the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room, all of which are on one side of the first floor of the condo in the city of brotherly love. To catch up on #GiveMeLibertyandaGreatCouch, check out my initial post here. Now I’m going to introduce you to the other half of the first floor, the dining and living area and powder room.

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Friday Faves: Would You Rather…?

This week has been all about loving on my crushes in celebration of International Women’s Day and trying to find zen as we were knocked out by the second major storm in less than a week. But it’s Friday and the main question of this Friday Faves is “would you rather?” What am I referring to? Well, let’s see…

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Client Project: #LivingLaLincolnCenter

Way back when, I introduced you to a new client project I’m working on, a full renovation and design of a condo near Lincoln Center in Manhattan. The couple moved from L.A. to NYC with no furniture, bought a one-bedroom apartment and have been having it renovated to turn it into a two-bedroom apartment to use the second bedroom as an office/guest room. The client, who I have dubbed #LivingLaLincolnCenter, has a good eye for design, a strong perspective and knows exactly what she wants. She enlisted me to help with the decor of the master bedroom, office, dining room and living room. Months ago, I introduced you to the living room, which you can see here and here. The renovation of the apartment is near complete and it’s all coming together so well. I can’t wait to be able to share the final home with you. BUT! I realized I never introduced you to the rest of the apartment and design ideas, so here is an introduction to the dining room.

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Client Project: New Apartment in Brooklyn, Introduction Part 2

Last week, I introduced you to a new client project that I’m so excited to be working on: a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn for a lovely lady and her two kids in which she is essentially starting from scratch. I’m calling the project #BrooklynReboot and last week’s introduction described the scope of the entire project, the backstory and then showed off the design direction of the master bedroom. This week, we’re going over the main living space, which is one large room split into the dining and living rooms and kitchen plus entry.

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House Tour: Two and a Half Years In

Our cozy cottage has gone through a lot the past two and a half years yet not enough, in my opinion. There are rooms that we did right away and rooms we haven’t even touched yet. There are rooms that are likely to get redone either through little touch ups and minor changes or through major renovation. And then there are rooms (maybe only just one) that just need one minor fix. So here’s the first house tour that I’ve done on The 256 Project to show befores and afters of what we’ve done so far and show you rooms you’ve never seen before (and for good reason!). Scroll down for the house tour and swipe through for the before and after of each room (or just the before, in some instances).

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Client Project: Connecting the Dots Starting with a New Rug

I’m a big believer in rugs and how they can make a room and really define the space. I’ve written about this before and so I was really excited to take on a project that I’m affectionately calling #ProjectConnecttheDots. The impetus for the project was to help a family – longtime friends of mine and their CUTE little girl! – outside of Boston find a new rug for their living room rather quickly with the larger goal of modernizing the space and connecting it to the adjoining dining room over the long run. The inspiration for the entire space was this bright and happy print the couple bought on a trip to Iceland several years ago.

Art Print from Iceland. Photo taken by client.

And so here is how we are connecting the dots between the living room and dining room starting with a fabulous new rug.

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Dining Room Update

While we wait for the day when we find a really nice piece of artwork to fill the wall above our table in the dining room, we decided to make a mark in a different way. I bought these industrial style rusted letters from a home shop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and they decorated the foyer in our old Brooklyn apartment. We weren’t sure where these would go in our new house, but this spot works well for now.

The updated dining room.

The Dining Room

The first room we decided to complete was the dining room, which is odd since that’s the room we knew we would use the least. Daniel had the very good idea to not use the space as a full dining room since, as previously implied, we barely use it. We’re the kind of couple that eats dinner in front of the TV in the living room, not at a table over intellectual discourse. We decided to set it up as a half dining area, half adult sitting area. What is an adult sitting area, you may ask? Well, I’m not sure, but perhaps an area with books, chairs and no TV? We’re going with that.

The view of the dining room from the foyer.

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