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Recipe: Good Wife’s Minced Fish

Well, isn”t that quite the title? I’ve been spending time in the Kreyol Kitchen and am back with another of my Haitian grandmother’s recipes and it’s an interesting one. EmincĂ© de poisson de bonne femme, or Good Wife’s Minced Fish, is a recipe of minced fish (duh, it’s in the title), potatoes and a bechamel sauce. Interesting, right?

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Recipe: Poisson aux Biscuits Ritz, or Fish with Ritz Crackers

No, you are not mistaken. Not only am I back after a long while with another of my grandmother’s Haitian recipes, but the recipe is, in fact, fish with Ritz crackers. And let me tell you something: the combination of Ritz crackers, evaporated milk and salmon is strangely delicious … or deliciously strange. Intrigued?

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Recipe: Mousse de Poisson

If you’ve been following along with The 256 Project for a while now, then you know that part of the story behind this blog is my attempt to recreate my Haitian grandmother’s recipes that she wrote down in beautiful script when she spent one summer with us when I was a child. Every recipe I have made (all tagged Kreyol Kitchen on this blog for easy searching) has somehow been a comedy of errors that, remarkably, has still come out tasty even if the dish didn’t come out tasting or looking as it’s supposed to. This week’s Haitian dish is mousse de poisson. My dad said it was really good and that it should be one of the next I make. It was really good. But is this what he had in mind? I don’t know because I was too lazy to ask him!
Mousse de Poisson recipe via my grandmother.

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Poisson au Mais

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Tonight’s recipe is Poisson au Mais, or fish with corn. Here is the very basic recipe as my grandmother wrote it:

  • 1 couche de poisson bien epicee
  • 1 couche de bechamelle
  • 1 couche de mais en boite
  • Recommencer l’operation jusqu’a epuissement
  • En dernier lieu, 1 couche de mayonnaise
  • Passer au four

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