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After: Soaking in the sunshine and guest bedroom update.

Spring Refresh with a Guest Bedroom Update

Do you remember how, last summer, we created a flex guest bedroom/sewing studio/hangout space from scratch in just under a month and the before-and-after transformation was included in Apartment Therapy? Between what I wrote in my original post – I felt something was missing, with one wall in particular – and the comments on that post and on Apartment Therapy, I knew this room was going to get a minor update. And finally, after months of thinking about how and making a small purchase here and there, I gave the guest bedroom a little update just in time for spring.


But first, a recap on the design choices for this room.

  • I wanted a beachy feel, with pops of color to accent a mostly neutral space.
  • I didn’t want to overpopulate it since the space has to serve multiple functions. Everything here has to serve a purpose, and pretty is a purpose!
  • I wanted to add a mirror but a mirror with curves since I didn’t want there to be yet another square or rectangular shape in the room (between the long shelf in the corner, the long couch, the long rug, the rectangular piece of art and the nightstand, there were a lot of long horizontal lines).
Before: Lonely mirror and a whole lot of blank space.

But there was still something missing. Obviously, there was a huge gap between the small mirror I had and the tabletop decor on top of the nightstand, and, per several commenters’ suggestions, the room could use more mirrors for guests and when I’m sewing.

Going back to my original philosophy of wanting something with curves, I went on the hunt for mirrors and found a few cool options from World Market and Urban Outfitters, as well as a vintage woven fan from ShopMidcenturyModest on Etsy to use as a wall hanging. I liked how each object had personality and evoked a very specific design feeling and, together, they added a lot of oomph to the corner.

After: Close-up of new mirror and wall hanging situation.
After: Soaking in the sunshine and guest bedroom update.

And then I moved the mirror that was originally there over to the other corner above the shelf.

After: Moved old mirror over to refresh this corner.
Peeking in from the master bedroom. The guest bedroom gets such beautiful light.

So what do you think of my guest bedroom update? Would you have done it differently? Sound off below!