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What I’m Into: Sofas and Couches

My Pinterest page is chock full of what I’m into, including sofas and couches. Actually, my Pinterest page has plenty of images of inspiration and products for my client projects, as well as stuff I wish we could have in our own home. In fact, I recently cleaned up and rearranged my Pinterest page so it can be better used as a resource for all things anyone might be looking at for the home. If you haven’t checked it out before or aren’t following me on Pinterest, check it out here. But back to sofas and couches. Did you know there’s actually a difference?

Angela Belt, interior designer and writer for Homepolish, recently broke down the difference between a sofa and a couch: “A couch is a piece of furniture originally designed for reclining, typically with only one arm and no back. It’s more casual. You can crash on it. A sofa, with that one extra syllable, is something more ostentatious and formal. That sofa has two whole arms and a back to boot.”

So many sofas and couches have been catching my eye of late. Part of the reason is because we have three sofas (yes, even #thecozycottage can house three sofas!), and all three were bought with budget in mind from Ikea. One Daniel bought before we met and we’ve had since our last Brooklyn apartment. It’s brown and ultra comfortable. The other two are sleeper sofas (one dark gray and one a light cream) that we purchased on a budget after we moved into our house. As much as I would love to get a gorgeous new sofa that is also ultra comfy, I don’t see it in our budget any time soon and having a dark-haired dog limits our options.

But, that doesn’t mean your options have to be limited! So, without further adieu, here are the sofas, etc., that I’m into.

Leather Sofas

I haven’t traditionally been into leather furniture in the past, but I have been finding new leather designs and colors to be so sexy lately. This top one from Article looks so comfy and the second one from Industry West has a simple yet impactful design and I think it would be great to have in a spacious entry.

Article – Cigar sofa
Industry West – Finn Sofa


If you have the space for them, sectionals can be great pieces to have in an area where you love to lounge or have guests hang out often. Here are a couple beautiful ones.

I will never be able to afford this Anderson sectional from Minotti, but I sure can look at it.


Anderson sectional at Minotti SpA

Another one that I’ll never be able to afford but can admire from afar is the Mirador sectional at Hive.

Mirador sectional sofa from Hive


The warmth in this dark gray and the legs of this Stratos sofa sectional by Industry West are calling my name.

Industry West Stratos sofa sectional



These two are calling my name thanks to their interesting shapes and luscious colors. The first is from Industry West and the second is from Finnish Design Shop.

Industry West Bale Sofa
Finnish Design Shop Mingle Sofa

This loveseat by Hem Studio is just gorgeous.

Palo 2-Seater Sofa + Armrest by HEM Design Studio



The following sofas had me at hello due to their interesting silhouettes, design details and color options. The sofas in order are from Interior Define, Finnish Design Shop, Joybird, Article, and Rove Concepts.

Interior Define Asher Sofa
Finnish Design Shop Cloud sofa


Joybird Chelsea Sofa


Article Kit sofa


Rove Concepts Elliott Sofa

Our house is currently in flux right now because of potential renovation and redesign projects this year and next, so we’re not in the market for new furniture right now, but I WISH I could buy at least one or two of these. Hopefully, I have a client in the near future where one of these sofas would be perfect for them. To see more of the sofas and couches I’m into, check out my Pinterest board here.