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Friday Faves: Kitchens and Mirrors

I hope you all enjoyed our first full house tour that I posted to the blog earlier this week. I’m sharing more details in Instagram Stories so be sure to check these stories out over the next few days. One of the main takeaways is how horrible our kitchen is so it’s no surprise that I’m constantly thinking of ways to renovate it and upgrade it. Therefore, a lot of today’s Friday Faves focuses on kitchens.

I follow the Instagram account TinyHouseMama and she posted a photo of her kitchen this week and it just might be the most accurate representation of our future kitchen that I already had in my head. So many of the design elements she uses are ones that I’ve thought about for us as well.

Kitchen from @TinyHouseMama


Speaking of kitchens (like I said, I’m obsessed), Apartment Therapy has a photo tour of early kitchens. I always love seeing stories like this because I think it’s such great inspiration for our future kitchen renovation and it’s also helpful to see what elements of a kitchen are timeless. I think the takeaways are color and differentiation between the pieces that make up a kitchen.

Image credit Antique Home Style via Apartment Therapy

Speaking of eating, here is yet another round table for me to covet. Lonny posted it to their IG this week and it’s actually from Navy Interior Design. I mentioned before how I think I want a beautiful round table with lots of seating for a future dining room and this is yet another great example of what I’m looking for.

Lonny Magazine Instagram


If you’re wondering what people on Pinterest seem to be leaning toward the most when it comes to home stuff, well here you go. I can get behind some of these, especially the not-really-a-closet since we have something like that going on ourselves; the vertical bar cart because, even though we have a nice bar cart, I’m up for bar anything; stylish knobs and legs because the status quo bores me; stylish storage (see previous comment about status quo); and round mirrors because I can’t say enough about round or curved mirrors. I really like circles as a shape, generally speaking.

Pinterest report on decor trends
Speaking of mirrors, it is HARD to find a good one, especially when you are particular about shape and ESPECIALLY when you’re on a budget. Thanks to Emily Henderson for putting together this round up, which is super helpful to people like me who spend a lotta time searching for a lotta things.
Consort Design via Style by Emily Henderson

If you have any #FridayFaves you’d like to share, comment below. Have a great weekend!


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